Tinder Gets ‘My Move’ In India To Let Only Women Start Conversations

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Giving women the choice to initiate conversations with their matches according to their own will and time, Match Group-owned dating app Tinder today introduced a new opt-in setting My Move in India. The new feature is first rolling out to the iOS users.

By giving our female users the ability to exclusively send the first message if and when they want to, ‘My Move’ provides women the autonomy to choose how to engage with their matches and empowers them to control their experiences,” Taru Kapoor, General Manager, Tinder India said in a statement.

Tinder Gets ‘My Move’ In India To Let Only Women Start Conversations

Up until now, the dating platform allowed both, men and women to make the first move after a mutual match and India is one of the first markets where the company is bringing the ‘My Move’ feature.

The setting was first announced earlier this year and has been in testing since. A similar feature comes as a default setting in Tinder’s rival Bumble.

In September last year, Tinder claimed 7.5 million daily swipes in India with women being more active in using the app than men.

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  • Umm, actually, as a man, I’m quite happy about this feature that the women are going to get this so called “My Move”, option that will give them the power to initiate the very first conversation after a potential match, because guess what, it’s the men who have to start the conversation after it becomes a match, not generalizing it, but most of the time, a vast majority of women out there expect men to send the very first message, and believe it or not, women have it even written down in their Bio that they don’t message first, like wtf? So quite honestly, Kudos to Tinder for coming up with this amazing feature because this way all such women would have no other choice but to “Make the first Move” – and start talking, and not make such a big fuss about it for who starts the conversation when it’s already a match. So yeah, have fun ya’ll pretty ladies out there. I am sure, all men will be very pleased to see the first message from their matches, and after this feature is finally rolled out, rest assured, us men are very much looking forward for women to messaging us first for a freaking change, and all the pretty little ego will just be melted now. So, all power to you, dear pretty faces. What a relief!

    Now, let’s talk some fundamentals here, what I don’t quite comprehend is that if the women don’t want guys to bombard them with all kinda shitty messages, which I am fully aware that women go through this trauma a lot on a daily basis, my question is that why women let such douches become a match to begin with? Can’t women not be smart enough at the time of swiping right after you have been swiped right? Let’s face it, it’s the very first mistake that women make in choosing the right guy, be it on Tinder or in real life, and rightly so, how can one know about what kind of person they are going to talk to, unless they really to talk to’em?

    Now, unfortunately, and sadly, the truth is that women may not even know what a person would be like since the Bios of many men may also very well be fake, with fake words, but then again, let’s say even if women think that they have a perfect match, and now women want to make their first move, what makes you sure that even after your so called “My Move” feature men wouldn’t be spreading the filth in your inbox, it’s like the moment, women make their first move to initiate the conversation, and message their match, and this jerk is like preying on you, and then bombard you with the same shitty messages just like it used to happen before this “My Move” feature. So? I now come to an end. Really, how does it even solve a problem, Tinder? Or question to anybody who is prasing highly of this feature like in this news article, and talk about the power that women would have now, like seriously, as if bringing this one tiny feature going to solve all the problems? Please stop fooling yourself and let’s face the reality, it won’t make any difference.

    P.S. my heart goes out to all the genuine, pure, kind hearted women.❤

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