This Lunchbox Uses Steam to Warm up Your Food


Bored of eating cold lunch? Heatbox might just be the new lunchbox you need. A couple of days back at CES 2020, a Netherlands-based startup has featured a self-heating lunchbox that uses steam to warm up your food.

By choosing steam to heat the food, the company promises that the nutrients are preserved. They even claim that the food will taste better than a microwaved meal.

Heatbox measures  240 x 155 x 76 mm and weighs 1.2 kg. Judging by the images, the box looks bigger than what you’d usually carry for lunch. The inner volume of the box is 755 ml and it can approximately occupy 430 grams of food.

Users can reheat food by pressing the button present in the box. Alternatively, there is an option to start the heating process right from your smartphone through a mobile app provided by the company. There are three steaming modes on Heatbox – Low, Medium, and High. Low is suitable for lighter meals while you should use Medium mode for heating rice. High mode is recommended for heating heavy food like meat.

It is worth noting that you will have to fill 20 ml of water every morning on Heatbox. This water is then converted as steam when you operate it. The heating process takes place in 10 minutes.

This new lunchbox needs to be charged after three uses. The company provides a USB-C cable to charge the gadget. The charging time typically takes about 90 minutes.

The product is available to pre-order on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. It is priced at 129 Euros (~Rs.10,300) and will start shipping by August this year.

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