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What is WiFi 6 Everything You Need to Know

What is WiFi 6? Everything You Need to Know

In the world of technology, we are often faced with weird nomenclature which is often hard to understand and explain. Take for example the...
fuchsia OS

What is Fuchsia OS and How Is It Different from Android?

Google always has many projects up its sleeve, but only a few, special ones get the honor of being carried over for commercial development....
Tensor Flow

Everything You Need to Know About Google Brain’s TensorFlow

Anybody who has tried Google Photos would agree that this free photo storage and management serviceĀ from Google is smart. It packs in various smart...

No Free Windows 10 Updates After July 29: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 to us in May 2015 and while some people loved it, some did not. However, what really got heads turning...
What is an Email alias and How to Set it Up on Gmail and Outlook

What is an Email alias and How to Set it Up on Gmail and...

On an average, a person receives around 121 emails every day, out of which 10% are useful, while 90% of it is just spam....
LCD vs OLED vs AMOLED Difference Explained

LCD vs. OLED vs. AMOLED: Difference Explained

There was once a time when smartphones were a luxury; now they are a necessity. Almost everywhere you look you will find somebody casually...