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Warner Bros. Issues Statement Refuting Bethesda’s Allegations

Fallout Shelter publisher, Bethesda Softworks, last week filed a suit in a Maryland U.S. District Court against Warner Bros. and Behaviour Interactive, alleging that...

Bethesda Sues Warner Bros, Calls Westworld Game a Copy of Fallout Shelter

After much speculation, Warner Bros finally released a Westworld game for mobile, which is based on HBO's TV Series. While the game has received...

You Can Now Play ‘Westworld: The Maze’ Game With Alexa on Amazon Echo

A new voice-based game called 'Westworld: The Maze', has been launched for Alexa devices including the Echo and its variants. Based on the popular HBO...

HBO’s Westworld Is Being Made Into a Video Game

In a move that simply had to happen at some stage, popular HBO TV series Westworld is finally being made into a video game...