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Windows 10X Will Come to Laptops Before Hitting Dual-Screen Devices: Microsoft

Microsoft may have designed Windows 10X specifically for dual-screen devices, but the operating system will be first seen in standard-issue laptops, ultrabooks and 2-in-1s....
Download Microsoft Emulator for Windows 10X and Surface Neo

Surface Neo Launch Postponed; No Dual-Screen Windows 10X Devices This Year: Report

Microsoft was expected to launch the Windows 10X-powered Surface Neo in time for the Holiday 2020 shopping season, but a new report from ZDNet...
Surface Neo An Early Look at Windows 10X

Surface Neo: An Early Look at Windows 10X

Just recently, Microsoft released the preview build of Surface Duo in the form of an emulator to test and build apps. So we installed...
microsoft surface neo dual-screen laptop shown off

Microsoft Announces Surface Neo with Dual-Screens, Running Windows 10X

Well, the rumors were indeed true. Microsoft's Product Chief Panos Panay took stage at today's hardware event in New York to show off what...