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smart speaker accidentally activate feat.

Researchers Found 1000 Words That Can “Accidentally” Trigger Smart Speakers

Although smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod can ease our daily life, there are also some privacy issues that come...
Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen vs Echo Dot 1st Gen: What’s New?

Amazon Working on Echo Speaker with High Quality Audio to Rival Sonos, HomePod

Amazon's line of Echo speakers so far is full of options for almost every use-case you could think of. However, if there is one...

Facebook’s Smart Speakers Will Reportedly Ship With ‘M’ Smart Assistant

Following the success of the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, Facebook has also been rumored to be working on its own smart speakers...

Amazon Testing In-Car Alexa Smart Speakers in India; Could Launch This July

While Amazon is perceived to be Flipkart's arch-rival in the Indian e-commerce industry, the US company is a global tech giant which has multiple...
smart speakers better child development

Experts Say Smart Speakers Better Than Smartphones For Child’s Development

There's no doubting the reality. Our younger generation is growing up with smartphones and tablets in their hands, which the critics like to label...
Google Home

Top 10 Google Home Alternatives You Can Buy

Launched last year with Google Assistant on-board, the Google Home has quickly become one of the most popular smart speakers available in the market....