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Google Replaces Hangouts Group Video Calling with Google Meet

Google Replaces Hangouts Group Video Calling with Google Meet

As part of Google's plans to deprecate Google Hangouts and move to arguably better alternatives namely Google Meet and Chat, the company has now...
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Google Hangouts to Shut down next Year; Will Be Replaced by Google Chat

There is no hiding the fact that Google's messaging stack is a disaster. You have Meet, Chat, Hangouts, and Duo to serve different purposes...
Best Hangouts Alternatives

10 Best Hangouts Alternatives You Should Try

At launch Google Hangouts was lauded as the messaging app of the future, providing users with an all-in-one package that supported SMS, IM, voice...

Google Is Killing Off Allo to Refocus on RCS and Messages App

Back in April when Google temporarily suspended the development for Allo, I was almost certain that the company would kill it sooner rather than...

Google Announces Improvements and AI Additions to G Suite, Hangouts and More

Google recently convened the Next '18 event to announce its major developments in the areas of cloud computing. The key announcements came to introduce...
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Hangouts Chat Desktop UI Refreshed With New Material Theme Elements

Google announced new Material Design guidelines at Google I/O 2018 earlier this year and has steadily been refreshing its platforms with the new theme....