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Google adds a split-screen UI for Street View

Google Is Adding a New Split-Screen UI to Google Maps’ Street View on Android

Google, as you might know, has been improving its Street View feature in Google Maps for quite some time now. The company, late last...
Google Maps Street View images

You Can Now Contribute Google Maps ‘Street View’ Images with Your Android Phone

Google Street View imagery has thus far been collected by the company's own vehicles custom-fitted with high-res 360-degree cameras. Google has now decided to...
Wander oculus VR app feat.

This VR App Can Take You Anywhere in the World Using Google’s Street View

This year, as we all know, has been one of the most disastrous years in the history of our world. Apart from the ongoing...

Google Maps Adds Street View Virtual Tours for Disney Theme Parks

IF you can't be somewhere, seeing it on Street View is the next best thing. At least Google thinks so, and is now bringing...