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Google Duplex Can Now Book Movie Tickets in the US and UK

Google Duplex has today received an impressive new update that allows it to book movie tickets for users in the US and UK. The...

Google’s AI-Powered Screen Call Is Now Rolling Out to Pixel 2

Screen Call was arguably one of the coolest feature that was introduced with the new Pixel 3 smartphones this year. But thankfully, Google promised...

Google Duplex AI Calling System Will Go Live Soon For Restaurant Reservations And More

Google surprised everyone with the Duplex demo at Google I/O 2018, showing how AI can be used to make voice calls to make reservations...

It’s Not Just Google, Microsoft’s AI Bot Can Also Make Phone Calls To Humans

At Google I/O earlier this month, the tech giant blew everyone away by showing that Google Assistant could place phone calls, talk to humans...

Google Assures Assistant Will Tell Businesses It’s Not Human on Duplex Calls

Google stunned the world with the demo of Google Duplex at Google I/O. Duplex is an Assistant-driven AI system which can make voice calls to make...