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Googles Inks Deal With Airtel to Offer G-Suite Services in India

Google has inked a deal with Airtel to grow its consumer cloud business in India. The move, announced Monday, is expected to help the...

Google Cloud Partners with GitHub For Faster Software Development, Delivery

Google has announced a partnership with Microsoft-owned GitHub to make a crucial element of modern software development, Continuous Integration, fast and easy. As part...

Google Announces Edge TPU, Cloud IoT Edge at Cloud Next 2018

After unveiling its enterprise Cloud Services Platform on the first day of its Cloud Next conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA,...
Google Cloud and Unity Partner for Cloud-Based "Connected Games" Development

Google Cloud Integration Comes to Unity 3D’s Multiplayer ‘Connected Games’

Unity 3D has been a boon for many indie games developers and many of themĀ are using Unity to make games for mobile devices, which...

Google Adds New Anti-Phishing, Management and Security Tools for G Suite Platform

Google has introduced a host of new management controls, security measures, and anti-phishing tools for the G Suite cloud computing platform, and as per...
Dropbox Announces Partnership with Google Cloud and G Suite Apps

Dropbox Announces Partnership with Google Cloud and G Suite Apps

Dropbox has just announced a partnership with Google Cloud which aims to bring Dropbox and G Suite users one step closer to a world...

Dropbox To Get Deeper Support G Suite Apps With New Google Cloud Partnership

These are crucial times for Dropbox as its IPO is about to go live, but the company is not forgetting about consumers even as...