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How to Set Up Your iPhone as a Security Key for Google's 2FA

How to Set Up Your iPhone as a Security Key for Google’s 2FA

In the backdrop of ever-looming security threats for personal data, an extra layer of safeguard has become the need of the hour. So, the...
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Google Account Redesign Focuses on Simpler Navigation, Better Transparency

The Google Account hub has gotten a revamp to make the interface more intuitive and the settings simpler to manage your security and privacy....

Google Account Settings Gets Major Makeover With Material Design Theme

Google's redesign for the ‘My Account’ settings section on Android was leaked during the testing phase, and the makeover with Material Design Theme is now...

Google Account Settings in Play Services Could Get Material Design Revamp Soon

Introduced with Android Lollipop a few years ago, Material Design has become Google primary UI design language across apps and services over the years....