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Facebook Usage Grew Despite Cambridge Analytica Revelations

Earlier this year, Facebook faced what was arguably the biggest data privacy scandal when the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower revealed that the company had scraped...

The Full Text of Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony In Front of US Congress and Senators

Caught in the storm of the perhaps the worst privacy debacle ever, Mark Zuckerberg appeared before US lawmakers who confronted Facebook and the CEO...

Facebook Also Saved Some Videos That Were Never Posted on the Site: Report

The Cambridge Analytica controversy is opening up a Pandora's box that's bringing forth new allegations about Facebook's data collection procedures seemingly every other day....

DeleteFacebook Searches Hit 5-Year High After Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Google Trends is an excellent way to gauge public sentiment about anything on the Internet or in the real world. And with everyone talking...

Cambridge Analytica Fallout: Elon Musk Deletes Facebook Pages of SpaceX, Tesla

With the #DeleteFacebook movement gaining momentum in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica exposé, tech luminaries are chiming in, lending their support to the...

#DeleteFacebook Campaign Picks Up Pace After Cambridge Analytica’s Data Stealing

In the light of the most recent controversy to hit the company, Facebook has been called a mass surveillance firm which has no concern for...

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