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Audible Launches Audible Stories to Offer Free Audiobooks for Children

A lot of educational institutions across the globe are currently shut down in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Amazon-owned Audible has now announced...
12 Best Audible Alternatives You Should Try in 2019

15 Best Audible Alternatives You Should Try

As an audiobook app, “Audible” is the gold standard in the seemingly crowded market. With over 400,000 audio programs from well-known publishers, broadcasters, and...

Amazon is Much Bigger Than You Think; Here’s How Vast Its Empire Is

Amazon, the company owned by the richest man in the world currently, is the second most valued company in the US. Known mostly for...

Audible Comes to India with over 2 Lakh Audiobooks and Free 30 Day Trial

Audible, the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks, has finally entered India with the launch of Audible.in. Like its global counterpart, Audible.in will...

With Chetan Bhagat On Board, Amazon May Finally Launch Audible in India

Amazon is all set to launch its 'Audible' audiobook service in India. The company is believed to be beta-testing the service since last year,...