Swiggy To Deliver Food in India Using Drones

Swiggy To Deliver Food in India Using Drones

After getting the green signal from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to test drone deliveries last year, Swiggy has announced to start testing drone deliveries in India. The food-delivery giant has partnered with Noida-based software company ANRA Technologies to commence the trials in the coming days.

According to recent reports, Swiggy and ANRA Technologies will collaborate to start delivering food packages via drones. ANRA has reportedly received the final clearances from various Indian authorities such as the DGCA and the Ministry of Civil Aviation to start Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone deliveries in the country.

The team at ANRA launched its first sortie in India recently on June 16. It commenced after months of planning, assessments, and air traffic control integration. So, by leveraging ANRA’s advanced drone operation system, Swiggy aims to trial its first drone deliveries in India.

“With an increasing number of technological innovations taking place to smoothen and fasten the last mile journey, it only becomes natural for us to explore the latest avenues available to maximize the benefit to our consumers,” said Shilpa Gnaneshwar, the Principal Program Manager at Swiggy.

“We are excited about the potential that Drones offer and look forward to the trials on BVLOS operations for the use case of food delivery. Through our association with ANRA, we aim to put the long-range proficiencies of drone technology to best use and accomplish some ground-breaking trials,” Gnaneshwar further added.

As per reports, ANRA will start drone deliveries in Etah and Rupnagar districts using its proprietary SmartSkies technology. Other than partnering with Swiggy, ANRA has also partnered with the Indian Institute of Technologies, Ropar to commence drone deliveries of medical packages.

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  • Sangita kumari says:

    That’s what people said when computers came in – technology will always come but good way is to learn and adapt, there will be new job roles that can emerge for everyone. And this will not be in every city so delivery people can can still do their work embrace the technology and live in harmony.

  • Daina says:

    Gods Blessings Hope an prayers for the best for everyone ?

  • Adaan says:

    I work as a swiggy delivery partner. I can only get my daily needs with what i earn from delivering the food. If the drones takes place of me and others who are struggling will lose their job and daily earnings.

    • A random guy says:

      don’t take anything for granted.
      what will do you if there was no swiggy/zomato/Uber Eats
      will you stay hungry all day.

      embrace the change
      nothing is permanent in this world.

  • Mahmod mahmod says:

    Nothing to do

  • Mark Mcgrath says:

    Greetings and salutations.
    What an impressive use of modern technology. Drones to deliver food.
    A few of the positives that I can think of implementing the drones would include:

    * alleviate traffic on the roads.
    * Reduce carbon footprint on the environment
    * Reduce contact during this terrible pandemic

    Can you think of more?

  • Indian says:

    Swiggy delivery agents will lose job with this type of automation, in turn helps company to amass huge profits

  • KESHAV says:

    automation and advancement should come with more jobs but vice versa is happening a large amount of people are dependent on these jobs corporate profits does not mean better life for everybody
    we are living in a country of 1.3 billion people

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