Superman: Why Is There a LordTech Symbol on Guy Garder and Hawkgirl’s Suit

It’s no secret that the filming of the DCU Superman is underway in Cleveland, Ohio. Since many shots are being conducted in the open, images have emerged online featuring David Corenswet as Superman. With each passing day, people have started loving the new Superman. However, along with this, other members of the cast, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner (Green Lantern),  Isabela Merced as Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl), and Edi Gathegi as Michael Holt (Mister Terrific) in their super suits. However, their suits have a branding of LordTech and in this article, find out why.

Superman Will Feature Justice League International Funded by Maxwell Lord

It appears that James Gunn’s Superman movie will feature Justice League International funded entirely by Maxwell Lord. In 1987, Justice League International made its first appearance in comic books with Justice League #1. This comic book takes place after the Justice League of America Annual #2 issued in 1984 when the original Justice League broke up resulting in the formation of Justice League Detroit.

However, this didn’t last long either and the world was left without a team of heroes to protect them. Seeing this, Maxwell Lord presented the Justice League International initiative to the United Nations. In essence, the heroes would work as a team owned by Maxwell Lord’s company, LordTech, and operate worldwide for the greater good.

Superman Will Feature Justice League International Funded by Maxwell Lord
Image Courtesy: DC Database

It seems that James Gunn’s DCU will give us this version of Justice League since it has already been established in Blue Beetle released in 2023, that Batman is up and about when Rudy Reyes said “Batman is a fascist”. James Gunn has also confirmed that Superman is not going to be an origin story.

So, we can assume that there used to be a Justice League that broke up as seen in Justice League of America Annual #2. Now that JLI is there, heroes like Mister Terrific, Hawkgirl, and Guy Gardner might be working for Maxwell Lord and that is why they have the LordTech Logo on their costumes.

Other than that, the suit we have seen David Corenswet wearing in the photos circulating online seems to be very different from what was teased initially. I think that the suit that was teased is the one Maxwell Lord will give Superman once he joins the JLI. However, this is my speculation and we will have to wait till July 11, 2025, to know how much of it turns out to be true. Till then, stay tuned!

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