Reactions to David Corenswet’s Superman Suit Are Mixed, but I Think Otherwise

In 2023, The Flash came out marking the end of DCEU (DC Extended Universe) putting a full stop to the legacy left behind by titular DC characters like Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and especially Henry Cavill as Superman. However, now with James Gunn rebooting the DC Universe, Superman is also getting a new face as David Corenswet. Recently, James Gunn and DC Studios revealed the first look at David Corenswet’s new Superman suit and while some people were happy about it, some people were heavily critical.

Mixed Opinions on the New Superman Suit

We got our first look at David Corenswet’s Superman suit yesterday and even though David looks phenomenal in the suit, the first reveal was slightly underwhelming for some people. The main complaint people have with the new Superman suit is that it appears to be slightly baggy as compared to the suit previously worn by Henry Cavill.

As soon as the images were uploaded on X and Instagram, the whole fandom was instantly divided into two factions, one who liked the new look of Superman and are looking forward to seeing David Corenswet in action as Superman and another who criticized the life out of it comparing it to Henry Cavill’s suit.

People on the internet, who did not like the suit launched a full-blown attack on the actor as well as the costume design. Yesterday, Superman was the number 1 trending hashtag on X but is quite literally filled with people bashing up the new look and posting Henry Cavill’s Superman with “This is My Superman” meanwhile those who like the new suit defending the reboot.

Courtesy: X/Vishal Verma

The internet is quite literally at war over David Corenswet’s Superman. This makes me think, are people really fans of Superman or are they fans of Henry Cavill as Superman? Well, I will leave that discussion for you folks in the comments, and now let’s move on to what I have to say about this.

Superman’s New Suit is Like a Good Book With a Bad Cover

As far as I think, David Corenswet’s Suit is good but the way its reveal has been made plays a huge role in all the negative criticism. If instead of that big ball of light in the background, and Superman wearing his boots, the shot was taken with him in a bright atmosphere standing up, it could have turned out to be pretty good.

Coming to the point of the suit looking baggy, in all honesty, I find this point to be obsolete. If you have ever put on a shoe while wearing a shirt, the fabric will bulge out as you bend to put the shoe on your feet, there’s nothing you can do about it. If you were wearing a full-body suit, do you think you would choose to wear a skin-tight fabric with no wiggle room in it? As far as I think, the suit design is more realistic giving a nod to Superman’s down-to-earth nature.

Other than that, if you have read Superman comic books, you would be aware that Superman’s suit was not made out of spandex, it was tailored by his mother for him. She used the blanket she found Clark wrapped in as a cape and made the rest of the suit with her hand. So, there is a possibility that this suit not looking perfect is a subtle detail instead of being a flaw.

Now all I can say is that Superman’s suit, in all honesty, is not as bad as people are calling it out to be. I think the major factor at play here is people’s unwillingness to let go of Henry Cavill and I completely understand that. However, at some point, we all have to accept that Superman’s mantle has been passed on to someone new and we will have to get okay with it eventually.

What are your views on it? let me know in the comments!

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