Blue Beetle Movie: Everything You Need to Know

Blue Beetle is set to hit theaters on 18 August 2023 and as an audience, especially DC fans, this movie is highly anticipated since it promises a brand-new beginning for DC live-action movies. James Gunn says that Blue Beetle is going to be the first DCU superhero and might even appear in other future projects by DC. Now, since this character is new to us, in this article, let me help you figure out all you need to know before you walk into theaters to watch Blue Beetle movie. And just in case, this one isn’t enough, check out our article on who is Blue Beetle to learn everything about the superhero, Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle Release Date

Blue Beetle is all set to hit the theatres with a release date of 18 August 2023. Initially, Blue Beetle was meant to release as an HBO exclusive but was later set up for a worldwide theatrical release. The runtime of the Blue Beetle movie is confirmed to be 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Who Is the Blue Beetle?

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I have been going through my socials, noticing many people say that DC “copied” Venom and Iron Man, combined them, and made Blue Beetle, and my goodness, I’ve never seen someone being so wrong. Blue Beetle first appeared in the year 1939 in Fox Comics, long before the release of Iron Man in 1963 and Venom in the year 1984.

Blue Beetle is essentially a symbiotic weapon of mass destruction, which, in itself, is a sentient being called “the Scarab”. The Scarab connects itself to its host and makes him one of the most powerful beings in the universe. The Blue Beetle is one of the only superheroes to have almost zero vulnerability and don’t even get me started on the powers this guy possesses.

What Is the Scarab in Blue Beetle?

Blue Beetle

Now, you must be wondering, what is the Scarab I have mentioned above? The Scarab is a symbiotic weapon of mass destruction with a conscience of its own. It even has a name, Khaji Da. The Scarab was sent to Earth by an alien race called The Reach, which essentially is a group of aliens that invade and conquer planets.

The Scarab was sent to Earth to find a host belonging to the native species of the planet, that is, a human. The Scarab was tasked to assume command over the human’s conscience and use their body as a weapon to wipe out humanity, thus, adding Earth to the Reach’s collection of conquered planets.

The Scarab was left untouched for a long period and when the first Blue Beetle, archeologist “Dan Garrett” stumbled upon the Scarab, the weapon’s programming to take over the conscience of its host was separated from it. This made it just a weapon with a mind of its own that adapts to the moral code of its host. So if the host of the Scarab is a good guy, Blue Beetle will be a superhero, and if it falls into the hands of a bad guy, Blue Beetle will turn into an unstoppable supervillain.

Blue Beetle Cast & Characters

The upcoming Blue Beetle movie casts Xolo Maridueña in the lead role as Jaimi Reyes (or Blue Beetle), along with Bruna Marqezine playing the role of Jenny Cord, George Lopez as Rudy, and Belissa Escobedo as Milagro Reyes.

We will get to see one of the most well-known villains of the Blue Beetle universe, Conrad Carapax, played by Raoul Trujillo. Moreover, Susan Sarandon will be seen playing the role of Victoria Kord, the CEO of Kord Industries, who is after Jaime to take the Scarab from him by any means necessary.

Blue Beetle Cast List

  1. Blue Beetle/ Jaime Reyes – Xolo Maridueña
  2. Jenny Kord – Bruna Marqezine
  3. Rudy – George Lopez
  4. Milagro Reyes – Belissa Escobedo
  5. Conrad Carapax – Raoul Trujillo
  6. Victoria Kord – Susan Sarandon
  7. Damián Alcázar – Alberto Reyes
  8. Becky-J – Khaji-Da(The Scarab)
  9. Adriana Barraza – Nana Reyes

Blue Beetle Movie Plot

The movie revolves around a young guy named Jaime Reyes, who, by a series of events, finds himself in possession of the Scarab, a symbiotic being with extraordinary capabilities. The Scarab bonds with Jaime taking him as its host and granting him a suit of armor that grants him superhuman abilities and unpredictable powers.

Meanwhile, Victoria Kord, the CEO of Kord Industries, launches a full-fledged manhunt for Jaime to retrieve the Scarab from him. Will Jaime be able to understand his responsibilities for wielding such incredible powers? Will he be able to protect his family from Victoria Kord and Carapax? We will find out soon enough!

Blue Beetle Post Credit Scene

As of now, according to the rumors, Blue Beetle has two post-credit scenes. We do not know what they will be about, but what we can speculate is the possibility of a cameo by the newly casted Superman, thus, setting up the upcoming Superman: Legacy Movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Blue Beetle Marvel or DC?

Blue Beetle is a DC character launched in the year 1939.

2. Is Blue Beetle a hero or a Villain?

Blue Beetle is a DC Superhero

3. Can Blue Beetle Create Kryptonite?

Yes, Blue Beetle can use his adaptive weaponry to create radiation similar to Kryptonite to fight off Kryptonians

4. Who Killed Blue Beetle?

Maxwell Lord killed Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle by shooting him since Ted Cord didn’t have any superhuman abilities

5. What is Blue Beetle Release date?

Blue Beetle is releasing on 18 August 2023

6. Where Does Blue Beetle Take Place?

Blue Beetle takes place in Palmera City, Mexico

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