The Story Behind Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri

Apple has done it again. Yes, Apple has again showed the world and its rivals why its its products have benchmark setting technology.

Why to use touch for control if you can speak?
That’s the notion behind siri.

Back in 2007 when apple’s legendary CEO Steve jobs, revolutionized the world with starting the erra of smartphones which have unimaginable capabilities, and made the life so simple and luxurious. Apple taught the world in 2007 that mobile phones can be controlled using the most advanced stylus that could anyone have ie . Our fingers. Just glide the fingers and see what happen, how simple was giving command to your mobile phone only with one touch.

In 2011, Apple has again showed the world by taking one step further with the new and handy feature in IPhone 4s:- Siri.

History behind Siri

Siri was originally introduced as an iOS application available in the App Store. Siri was acquired by Apple Inc. on April 28, 2010. Siri had announced that their software would be available for BlackBerry and for Android-powered phones, but all development efforts for non-Apple platforms were cancelled after Apple’s purchase.

Siri was founded in 2007 by Dag Kittlaus (CEO), Adam Cheyer (VP Engineering), and Tom Gruber (CTO/VP Design), together with Norman Winarsky from SRI International’s venture group. On October 13, 2008, Siri announced it had raised an $8.5 million Series A financing round, led by Menlo Ventures and Morgenthaler Ventures. In November 2009, Siri raised a $15.5 million Series B financing round from the same investors as in their previous round, but led by Hong-Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing. Dag Kittlaus left his position as CEO of Siri at Apple after the launch of the iPhone 4S. Siri is a spin-out from the SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center and is the hard work of about 40 years of research.

Siri’s speech recognition engine is thought to be provided by Nuance Communications, a speech technology company, although this has not been officially acknowledged by either Apple or Nuance.

Siri understand what you speak, it is just like you are talking to another person. Say for eg if you ask siri “should I carry unbrella today?’’ you will get the reply as current weather for your city. It means even if you twist the question, siri is smart enough to give back relevent reply. How amazing is that, isn’t it?

Using siri you can dictate messages, write emails, text, put reminder, alarms, and appointments, play the song you hear, get weather update and control your iphone 4s and many more.

Apple has always stood up to its expectation and its moto- “think different”.

Siri is going to be a game changer in the battlefield of super smartphones ! Some believe that it is a major threat to Google’s search engine because siri is as capable as Google search in searching anything, but the time will tell everything in a few years, so wait and watch.

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