Strange Stability Bug Freezes UI on Some Android Phones

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A strange stability bug that results in a complete UI freeze has affected several Android phones over the past few days. The issue is mainly evident in Google’s Pixel lineup and some OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Samsung phones.

As reported first by Android Police, some apps randomly freeze and render the entire user interface unusable. The issue is prevalent on Android 10 while Android 11 developer preview is also reported to suffer from this.

While this doesn’t really seem to be caused by a certain application, users say Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, YouTube Music apps are usually involved. Seeing Amazon app face weird issues doesn’t really come as a surprise considering its overall poor UI/UX, but other modern apps seem to be affected as well.

If you’re facing the aforesaid issue, you may try locking and unlocking your phone as a temporary workaround. Also, for devices with a physical fingerprint scanner and swipe gestures (Pixels and phones running custom ROMs), users say swipe down gesture to pull down the notification shade rescues the phone.

Meanwhile, there exists another issue on OnePlus devices that result in frozen UI, which is likely because Google seems to have messed up Webview in the recent updates. Personally, I’ve encountered both of these issues over the past few days on my OnePlus 7T running Android 10. Strangely enough, my colleague with the same phone and Android version claims to have never faced the issue so far.

The company has not officially addressed or acknowledged the issue just yet but we could expect the software giant to treat this issue with priority since a significant number of users appear to have been affected by this.

So, are you facing UI freeze issues on your phone? If yes, let us know your phone’s model in the comments below.

SOURCE Android Police
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  • Siddharth Maurya says:

    I’m having this issue on my Oneplus 5T, it occurs randomly. Weirdly, I’m able to change volume, but can’t get response through touch 🙁
    Though locking and unlocking doesn’t work for me, but rebooting by holding down the power button, it gets back working again. Very rarely, I’ve also observed this UI freeze issue on Recovery Mode as well ?
    I’ve not tried that notification shade workaround, will try it next time.

  • SHIVAM YADAV says:

    Sometimes 9 gag app and my default browser Freezes very badly. Then I i have to reload them after clearing from recent to restore them.

  • Rahul Nair says:

    Yes it does….. it still remains freezed even after locking and unlocking my PocoF1 and sometimes it even rearranges my icons placed on my home screen. I seriously thought it might be some issues with my poco launcher and tried using Nova launcher for few days still the same

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