Spotify Improves Sharing with Timestamps, Canvas Previews and More

spotify sharing features

Spotify is adding a bunch of new sharing related features to its app to make it easier (and more interactive) for users to share content from its music and podcast streaming service. The company is bringing three new improvements to content sharing off the platform, in an effort to make it easier, and more interesting for people to share songs and podcasts from Spotify.

Share Podcasts with Timestamps

Podcasts are usually fairly long, and if you are listening to a podcast that you want someone you know to start listening to as well, you can simply share it with them. However, today, Spotify is bringing a new feature to sharing podcast episodes — timestamps.

You can now share podcast episodes beginning at a particular timestamp. When you share a podcast with a timestamp, the receiver can simply open the link and it will take them directly to that particular spot in the episode, so they can hear the part you think they will appreciate the most.

When you have the podcast player open, you can simply tap on the share button and enable the toggle next to the timestamp as shown below. Then, you can share the link through WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, or wherever you want.

spotify share timestamp

Improvements to Spotify Canvas

Spotify is also making improvements to the ‘Canvas’ feature in the app. The company is bringing a new, update sharing menu to its smartphone apps. With this updated sharing menu, you will be able to see a preview of the canvas you’re sharing on social media. Moreover, Spotify will also improve the layout of the sharing options available to you and will dynamically populate the sharing apps list.

Also, if you’re more of a Snapchat user than an Instagram user, Spotify is bringing Canvas support to Snapchat now, so you will be able to share Canvas on Snapchat as well.

The new Spotify features are rolling out globally already, but they may take some time to be available to everyone. In case you’re unable to use these features yet, just be patient; the update should reach you soon.

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