Plot and Gameplay of Insomniac’s Wolverine Game Leaks Online

Marvel's Wolverine
In Short
  • A massive part of the in-development Wolverine game has leaked online by hackers.
  • The leak includes cast details, images of them as the characters, and gameplay. Logan and Jea team up.
  • The company's eyeing a 2026 launch window for the title, which will follow up with an X-Men game.

As part of the recent Insomniac Games leak that revealed a major amount of details about the studios’ projects, a hacking group has also shed a lot of light on the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game. Announced in 2021, it’s the next major title being worked on by the ever-famous Spider-Man 2 developer. Unfortunately, numerous details have surfaced online that include the cast and even some dedicated gameplay.

Insomniac Games Leak Sheds Light on Wolverine

Disclaimer: From here on out, take everything with a pinch of salt. Until Insomniac Games or PlayStation themselves confirm, all of these are rumors.

One fine Monday morning, Insomniac Games and the entire Internet were in for some unexpected surprises. A ransomware group, going by the Rhyside, leaked tons of substantial details regarding the studio’s projects. This included the upcoming Wolverine game. Some of the prominent info from the leak includes the entire cast of characters and some in-development gameplay footage.

For starters, Insomniac Games plans to release Marvel’s Wolverine by 2026. This will lead up to an X-Men game in 2030. The plot involves Wolverine and Jean Grey teaming up to thwart the plans of Mister Sinister and Team X from harming mutants. Furthermore, we also see The Hand and Ravagers in action against Logan.

As such, the cast of characters includes allies and villains prominent in both universes. For Wolverine, players will meet iconic characters like Mister Sinister, Jean Grey, Omega Red, Sabertooth, Sunfire, Mystique, and many more.

Marvels Wolverine leaks
Image Courtesy: YouTube/PlayStation

As per leaks, Liam McIntyre will lead the role of our angry Canadian, with other prominent industry voice actors donning the mantle of other characters. McIntyre has previously worked in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and Gears of War 4.

The early-in-development gameplay footage that we’ve seen shows two possible locations: Madripoor and Japan. We see Wolverine’s wall-climbing abilities using his sharp nails and feral senses. It works like titles like the Witcher senses from CD Projekt Red’s Witcher games.

The video also included scripted sequences, like a chase sequence with Wolverine and gameplay footage of Wolverine and Jean Grey in action. This brings the question of whether we play both characters at various sections, much like Miles and Peter in Spider-Man 2.

We won’t be embedding anything around the game for obvious reasons. However, keep in mind that details have started circulating on the internet. So beware while visiting gaming social media for a couple more weeks unless you don’t mind getting spoilers. As for the developers, we hope they can overcome the nightmare that is currently happening.

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