10 Solo Leveling Strongest S-Rank Hunters (Ranked)

Hunters play a significant role in the Solo Leveling universe, as these individuals have the ability to overwhelm the magical beasts in dungeons with their immense powers. However, not all of them are equally capable, and their potencies are measured by a ranking system. The hunter who is ranked E is the weakest of all, while the S-ranked ones are the strongest. These S-Rank Hunters flaunt unique abilities and are not at all similar to each other despite flexing the same rank. So, in this guide, we’ll go over the top 10 S-Rank Hunters in the Solo Leveling world.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains information from the source material. We highly suggest you read the manhwa or watch the anime beforehand in order to avoid ruining your intended experience.

10. Lennart Niermann

Lennart Nierman from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Lennart Niermann hails from Germany and is the 12th strongest hunter in the world. Despite being one of the most powerful S-Rank hunters, he chose to carry a humble persona. Unfortunately, in the manhwa, Niermann never gets enough limelight to showcase his full potential. However, we did get a glimpse of his powers during Thomas Andre vs. Rakan.

To save the former from the Monarch’s final blow, Niermann uses his special gauntlets to release powerful blasts on the enemy. He does not even think twice before risking his own life for the sake of Andre and the entire city that Rakan wants to destroy.

9. Hwang Dongsoo

Hwang Dongsoo from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Before joining Thomas Andre’s Scavenger Guild, Hwang Dongsoo was a vigorous S-Rank Hunter. In Korea, Norma Selner upgraded his powers, and a glimpse of his enhanced skills was also seen when he fought Sung Il-Hwan, Jinwoo’s long-long father.

Besides that, when Dongsoo confronts Sung Jinwoo, whom he believes to be his elder brother’s murderer, he showcases exceptional potential. That being said, Dongsoo was someone who could have gone a long way if he had not messed with Jinwoo.

8. Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Christopher Reed was one of the strongest National Level Hunters, but we’ve ranked him the third lowest on this list because he never got the opportunity to show off his full power. That’s because he was the first to get killed when the Monarchs initially arrived on Earth.

Even though Norma warned Reed about his predestined death, he never stopped fighting for good. Sadly, one unfortunate day, he was slaughtered by three Monarchs in his own house.

Before dying, he certainly surprised the Monarchs with his Spiritual Body Manifestation. With this akill, the S-Rank hunter can release powerful flames to oust his opponents. These flames are so powerful that once it required 14 S-Rank hunters to stop them.

7. Lim Tae-gyu

Lim Tae-Gyu from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Lim Tae-gyu is the rare ranger-type S-Rank hunter who holds a brilliance in archery. He can create magical bows in no time and can win the game against the toughest opponents from a long distance. With his archery talent, he pierced the skin of the powerful Ant Queen during the Jeju Island raid.

However, Lim, unlike other S-Rank Hunters, is under-confident, and he doesn’t have much faith in his powers. That’s what held Lim back from getting any stronger. Also, the fact that Lim is a range-type Hunter made him weak in close-range combats.

6. Choi Jong-in

Choi Jong-In from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

No one can beat Choi Jong-in when it comes to fire abilities. He is someone who can beat the crap out of his enemies with his fire magic. Jong-in’s abilities were fully seen when he cast a magic spell on a tall building and set it on fire in seconds. The potent S-Rank hunter can also craft fire spears and other weapons to wipe out the enemies.

Choi Jong-in is not someone who would use his powers impulsively; in fact, he always uses his sharp mind before taking any step. Thus, it’s no wonder he is known as the ‘Ultimate Hunter’ who matches the strength level of one of the strongest hunters, i.e. Baek Yoonho.

5. Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Being the Guild Master of the White Tiger Guild, Baek Yoonho boasts an incredible transformation magic that allows him to turn into a white tiger with big claws.

He is considered Korea’s strongest hunter, who can defeat anyone in his beast form. He can run at an incredibly fast speed and can deal severe injuries to his enemies with his sharp claws.

The transformation magic that he possesses also gives him the ability to transform specific body parts and not the whole body. In addition, with the Eyes of the Beast ability, Yoonho can read how powerful opponents or his fellow hunters are.

4. Cha Hae-in

Cha hae-in from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Cha Hae-in is an S-Rank hunter from Korea, who eventually becomes Sung Jinwoo’s wife. Her power awakens two years before the original storyline, and since then, she has impressed the most influential hunters in the world, including Jinwoo.

She is considered the best hunter to play with the sharpest blades. Unlike other swordsmen, she finds the most creative way to kill opponents with her sword. She catches everyone’s attention when she defeats the Marshal grade Shadow, Igris, and beheads the Ant Queen with a single swing of her sword.

With her fast speed and reflexes, she can pummel opponents before they can react to the attacks.

3. Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Go Gunhee shouldn’t be judged by his age. He was once Korea’s strongest S-Rank hunter who was forced to retire. That’s because, with age, his body was giving up on its own strength. He was a host to one of the seven rulers, and that’s why he had immense physical strength that let him break a big piece of ice with a single headbutt. Apart from that, he also potentially tackled the might of Frost Monarch.

Furthermore, with the Ruler’s Authority, Gunhee could easily move objects around him without touching them.

2. Sung Il-hwan

Sung II Hwan from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Sung II-hwan was none other than Sung Jineoo’s long-lost father, as mentioned above, who was stuck in a dungeon for years. Later, he was taken as a vessel by one of the rulers, who gave him the task of finishing his own son, the host of the Shadow Monarch.

Sung II-hwan was a firefighter before the dungeons and magic beasts showed up on Earth. For the unacquainted, he was among the first S-Rank hunters to ever exist, showing how he was one of the most powerful characters in Solo Leveling.

Sadly, back then, his potency remained unmeasured due to the lack of a ranking system. However, we get a glimpse of his powers when he injured Hwang Dongsoo to the extent that the latter took months to recover. He also sent the Frost Monarch flying through several buildings with just one kick.

The only drawback for Sung II-hwan was that his body wasn’t programmed like Sung Jinwoo’s, and that’s why his body crumbled when he used his powers to the full extent.

1. Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jin-Woo from Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling Fandom

Sung Jinwoo started out as the weakest hunter of humanity who couldn’t even withstand the lowest-ranked dungeons. However, he gets an astounding transformation after being chosen by the Shadow Monarch as his vessel. Even before receiving his powers, Sung Jinwoo was strong enough to cheat death numerous times.

After gaining the Shadow Monarch’s powers, he becomes someone whose physical strength can’t be outmatched by any living being. He once hit the National Level Hunter, Thomas Andre, and left him on the verge of death. Besides that, he overwhelmed the Frost Monarch without even showcasing his full potential and killed Rakan with only four punches.

Jinwoo possesses several skills, such as agelessness, memory manipulation, hypnosis, tenacity, and more, making him an invincible foe. What is your opinion on our ranking? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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