Snapchat is Making This Snapchat+ Exclusive Feature Available to Everyone

Snapchat is Making This Snapchat+ Exclusive Feature Available to Everyone: Check out the Details!

To keep up with the AI race, Snapchat introduced its chatGPT-powered AI chatbot “My AI” back in February 2023. However, access was limited to Snapchat+ subscribers up until now. This is set to change very soon. Continue reading below to know more.

Snapchat’s My AI Bot Will Be Available for All!

As stated by CEO Evan Spiegel, Snapchat is making its My AI chatbot available to all users. This version of My AI is said to be much more refined and powerful compared to its previous generation.

With the new upgrade, you can create your own customized Bitmoji avatar for your AI to make it truly yours. You can send snaps to My AI and get back text responses. You will be able to include My AI in Snapchat Groups and DMs; all you will have to do is type “@” and mention My AI. Based on the conversation you can ask My AI relevant questions. You will be able to identify My AI by looking at a sparkle next to its name.

With My AI, you will be able to receive proper recommendations of restaurants, places, and so on based on your Snap Map activity. It can also recommend AR lenses based on the same. Additionally, with coming updates and improvements to My AI, Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to receive a generative snap, back from My AI. This will be in response to any snap that you send to My AI. This will be a major step in visual conversational AI.

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Although My AI is not perfect and has been criticized earlier for questionable outputs, it is believed that it has a scope for accuracy and improvement. It is revealed that My AI had already been widely accepted and used by Snapchat+ users, with 2 million messages exchanged daily.

Apart from this announcement, Snapchat also announced Generative AI Lenses, giving you the capability to transform yourself into sci-fi characters using the Cosmic Lens. Snapchat will also make it easier for you to comb through your most relevant and necessary filters. Along with that, you will now be able to add AR to your memories. With new AR experiences and technologies, you will be able to experience live music concerts much more immersively.

So what do you make of this announcement? Are you excited to try Snapchat’s My AI? How do you think it will change your Snap experience? Do let us know in the comments below!

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