snapchat ios 16 lock screen widget

Snapchat Introduces iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget, Chat Shortcuts, and More

snapchat ios 16 lock screen widget

iOS 16’s arguably popular and intriguing feature is the customizable Lock Screen, which can support various widgets. Besides the native app widgets, the Google apps will soon appear as the lock screen widgets, and banking on this, now Snapchat has introduced one too. It has also added a couple of more features and here’s a look at all the details.

New Snapchat Features Introduced

Snapchat now has the iOS 16 Lock Screen widget, which will allow you to keep your top conversation right on your lock screen. You can also keep the Snapchat Camera on the lock screen to easily maintain your Snap Streak with a simple tap.

To make things easier, Snapchat has also introduced Chat Shortcuts. These will be placed at the top of the chats on the app, allowing you to easily access unread messages, missed calls, replies to your Stories, and chats. Plus, the Shortcuts menu will keep you updated about the upcoming birthdays so that you don’t forget to wish your friends.

Snapchat new features
Image: Snapchat

Much like Instagram Stories, Snapchat now has Question Stickers for you to get your friends’ opinions about things in case you are confused. Plus, Snapchat for Web, which was recently introduced is now available for all users.

Snapchat’s web version, which allows you to send Snaps, conduct audio/video calls, and more, was initially available just for Snapchat+ subscribers. This is a paid tier of the photo-sharing platform with added exclusive features.

The new Snapchat features will gradually roll out to all users globally. Make sure to update your Snapchat app for these new features. And if you end up getting them, do share your thoughts on them in the comments below.

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