This Smart Wearable is the World’s First “Needle-Free” Blood Glucose Monitoring Device

Movano wearable feat.

Despite the rise of the Coronavirus, we have seen an increase in the sale of smartwatches in the market. These smart wearables have now become a major part of our daily lives, especially for their health-monitoring features. We have seen instances of the Apple Watch saving precious human lives. In fact, Apple was the first company to bring the ECG feature with Apple Watch Series 4 back in 2018. However, they won’t be the first to bring a wearable that can measure blood glucose levels without a blood sample.

Movano, a startup that works to improve the lifestyle of chronic disease patients recently announced their first-of-its-kind wearable device. What makes it so special? Well, it looks just like a smartwatch, however, it can monitor your blood glucose levels without having to obtain blood. This makes it the first needle-free device to perform the task. So, no needles mean, no more pricking pain.

Now, the quite trendy looking wearable uses an onboard radio frequency-powered sensor for acquiring the measurements. The company says, “rather than using off-the-shelf chips, [they have] designed [their] own highly flexible, multi-frequency RF ICs from the ground up to optimize glucose measurements.”

The Movano wearable also has an AI system and a machine-learning algorithm to collect and analyze data. It also has support for the cloud to help people with issues related to glucose levels like diabetes with real-time data. The company has so far raised $10 Million as their new capital which will be used for production and preparation for initial user trials.

“We plan to bridge this gap so that measuring your glucose becomes as simple as glancing at your wrist, whether you’re a person with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or a part of the greater wellness community. We’re going to break down the current cost, usability, and accessibility barriers with CGMs so that anyone can manage their glucose levels with confidence and in a way that best suits their lifestyle,” said Michael Leabman, Founder and CEO of Movano.

According to the company’s promises, the Movano wearable will be available in the market soon. And with the huge number of diabetes patients around the world, it has a massive potential customer-base waiting to get one. You can check it out on its official website.

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