Slack’s Redesigned Mobile App is Now Live on Android and iOS

slack redesign app - android and ios

After a major redesign of its desktop/ web UI, Slack has now completely revamped its mobile apps as well. The company has been testing the new gesture-driven changes on Android and iOS for a couple of weeks now. And now, the new redesigned app is finally rolling out to all mobile users.

The biggest upgrade will have to be the new navigation bar at the bottom. Earlier, you had to jump into the hamburger menu to access everything but Slack’s mobile app now gives you instant access to your DMs, mentions, and your profile. The latter lets you set your status or tweak the settings on the fly.

Also, it’s now easier to access your workspace and conversation using gestures. You can swipe left to open up the last conversation from the home screen. A right swipe takes you to your list of workspaces, along with the settings, invite users button, and the option to sign out. There’s also a persistent compose button at the bottom right that lets you quickly DM colleagues – more so than ever because we are all stuck at home due to the ongoing situation.

The channel conversation view remains pretty much the same, with the navigation bar going away once you jump into it. The text box takes its place at the bottom. You can swipe right to go back home and a left swipe no longer shows you files and users in that channel. Tapping the ‘info’ at the top right takes charge of the channel details.

Slack has done a great job with its mobile app redesign, making it simpler to access the most important features. Easy access to the profile and all your workspaces is amazing, but it will definitely take some time for everyone to get used to the new app design. I really like the changes but what do you think of the redesign? Tell us in the comments below.

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