Samsung Plans to Sell Galaxy S20’s New Security Chip to Other Manufacturers

Samsung SE feat.

With more and more confidential data being stored in mobile devices, companies are trying their best to come up with security solutions to protect these data. Samsung introduced a new security chip with the Galaxy S20 series and it is supposed to be the best in the industry. The Korean tech giant also announced that the chip is in mass production. Other manufacturers can use the chip on their devices pretty soon.

The S3K250AF chip and the optimised software create Samsung’s Secure Element (SE) technology. Like Apple’s Secure Enclave and Google’s Titan M, this is Samsung’s version of a security solution that can store and protect confidential data of the user.

Although the latest smartphones come packed with integrated security measures to protect user data, according to Samsung, a dedicated hardware security chip can add extra layers of protection to the smartphone. Samsung designed this Secure Element (SE) to be tamper-proof. It can store and protect crucial data such as crypto-currency data, fingerprint scans, facial scans, login IDs, passwords and PINs. It can protect these data from hackers, malware and even laser attacks and reverse engineering.

The company’s Secure Element technology is also able to check replay attacks by hackers. It is able to do this by only accepting the most recent authentication request as legitimate. Consequently, hackers will have a tough time cracking this system to access the data of the user.

With Samsung’s announcement to sell this chip to other manufacturers, expect future smartphones to come with Samsung’s Secure Element (SE) tech integrated.

SOURCE Sammobile
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