Next-Gen GDDR7 Memory for GPUs to Be Showcased at ISSCC 2024 Conference

gddr7 memory
In Short
  • Sessions from SK Hynix and Samsung on GDDR7 memory are happening at the ISSCC 2024 conference, which will be held in February.
  • GDDR7 memory will be used in "workstations, PCs, and game consoles," according to Samsung, but we don't know when the adoption will begin.
  • Micron's roadmaps suggest a 2026 timeline for GDDR7. We'll hear more on GDDR7 adoption by then.

Samsung Electronics is a pioneer in the semiconductor industry, and the company is all set to showcase GDDR7 memory at the 2024 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). In addition to Samsung, SK Hynix is also showcasing GDDR7 memory at the conference sponsored by IEEE.

This event is being held in February, in San Francisco. Chipmakers like Nvidia and AMD are expected to use this in upcoming graphics cards. GDDR7 memory will offer various upgrades over the previous-generation memory architectures.

According to the ISSCC 2024 conference’s timetable, Samsung’s session will begin on February 20th at 10:30 AM. SK Hynix also has a spot at 8:00 AM in the conference, so both companies are ready to unveil their new graphics memory technology.

GDDR stands for Graphics Double Data Rate, and this memory is specifically used to accelerate computing for graphics-oriented processing. Reportedly, Micron-based GDDR7 will come later in 2026. At that point, it is probable to hear more about GDDR7 being used in consumer products. For now, Samsung & SK Hynix’s new graphics memory modules will be a major advancement. But later on, we should see even faster memory and maybe even GDDR7X.

Samsung GDDR7 Memory | Image Courtesy: Samsung

“Our GDDR7 DRAM will help elevate user experiences in areas that require outstanding graphic performance, such as workstations, PCs and game consoles, and is expected to expand into future applications such as AI, high-performance computing (HPC) and automotive vehicles,” – Yongcheol Bae, Executive VP of Memory Product Planning Team, Samsung Electronics

Samsung had previously announced back in 2023 that it has “completed development” of Graphics Double Data Rate 7 DRAM. According to the company, GDDR7 has a higher bandwidth, which is 1.4 times higher than GDDR6.

We will have to wait and see which generation of GPUs uses this newest graphics memory standard. While hopes are high, this may not be used in upcoming GPUs from big-name chipmakers (such as the RTX 50 series), but the generation coming after that should surely feature GDDR7!

The new GDDR7 memory offers lower power consumption by featuring improved efficiency. Reportedly, the new memory is 20% more efficient than GDDR6, the previous design. On laptops, GDDR7 memory featuring a lower operating voltage will be used.

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