After Phones, Now Samsung’s Upcoming AI Note-Taking Features Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Note-Taking features
In Short
  • A few new Galaxy AI features of the upcoming Galaxy S24 series have been leaked.
  • The list includes page summarization, Tone Detection, Sentence Tone Conversion, and the ability to convert Samsung Note scribbles to text and use it directly in email or any app.
  • Samsung has officially slated the Galaxy S24 launch date for January 17, 2024.

With less than a week left for the big, official Galaxy S24 series reveal, a lot has already leaked about it. This includes both new hardware and software features, including select AI features that the Korean giant hopes to launch to compete with Google. However, a few new AI features tied to the S24 series’ note-taking abilities have been leaked, and here’s everything you need to know about them.

Popular tech influencer, Alvin (@sondesix), posted on X (formerly Twitter) that the “Galaxy AI” will be integrated into Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes. According to him, Galaxy AI will add the following features to note-taking and Samsung Keyboard:

  • Summarize a webpage
  • Tone detection
  • Sentence tone conversion to multiple tones.
  • Convert Samsung Note scribbles to text and use it directly in Email.

The aforementioned features could help Samsung users turn their notes into professional emails or more nuanced texts without visiting ChatGPT or Bard.

To jog you through some of the other AI features that leaked a week ago, they are:

  • Live Translate
  • Generative Edit (Magic Editor competitor)
  • Nightography Zoom
  • Galaxy AI camera integration for better, sharper Pictures.

The post also highlights how much the Samsung Keyboard will improve with its new AI features as compared to the Gboard, which, if true, could cause trouble for Google. That said, Google is working on Bard and will integrate it across the Google app suite; hence it should be interesting to see how everything plays out.

What are your thoughts about Galaxy AI’s new Note-taking abilities? Will the new AI features with hardware upgrades be enough to convince users to let go of their non-Galaxy devices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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