Rootless Pixel Launcher Back on the Google Play Store with a Catch

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Pixel Launcher by Google is great, but it is reserved for Google’s own Pixel lineup. Well, the next best thing or something even better than the Pixel Launcher has got to be the Rootless Pixel Launcher. The launcher packs in plenty of Pixel Launcher’s original features and adds along plenty of other customizability. Well, the app was recently uploaded on to the Google Play Store but was subsequently taken down for breach of Google’s Play Store policies. Thankfully, the app is back on the Play Store, but it does come with a catch.

The main rule that the Rootless Launcher broke was that apps can’t download apps from other unknown sources outside the Play Store. As a result, the Rootless Launcher is now back on the Play Store, but it does not feature the prompt to download its companion app, the Rootless Pixel Bridge.

Rootless Pixel Launcher Back on the Google Play Store with a Catch

In case you’re wondering, the Rootless Pixel Bridge unlocks the full feature set of the original Pixel launcher, by adding features such as the Google feed by swiping left on the home-screen and At A Glance information about weather, traffic, and events.

Well, if all this functionality does sound important to you, you can always download the Rootless Launcher via the Google Play Store, and subsequently, download the Rootless Pixel Bridge off APKMirror.

Apart from the removal of the prompt for its companion app, Rootless Launcher also sees a couple of more changes in the new update (v3.9):

  • Remove Rootless Pixel Bridge installation code.
  • Replace icon with material design version (by @allstargaurav).
  • Show launch shortcut in other launchers and Play Store.
  • Specify tablets are supported in the manifest.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the Rootless Launcher (Free) and the Rootless Pixel Bridge (Free) on your device, and rock that Pixel-look on your non-Pixel Android device.

VIA Android Police
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