Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram Hacked

Celebrity hacks are increasing by the day, even as companies try to implement more security measures. After Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account got hacked a few days back, it looks like Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram has now been hacked.

While we’re not aware as to who hacked the famous actor’s Instagram account, the hackers made a post on his feed about a giveaway, which is most likely fake. Moreover, the hackers also posted a number of giveaways on Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram Stories, in an attempt to make it look like the actor was giving away iPhones, MacBooks, and even Tesla Model X cars, among other things. They have even added the giveaways to RDJ’s highlights on Instagram.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram Hacked

According to a Twitter post from Bosslogic, the hackers changed Robert Downey Jr’s recovery email on Instagram, which would make it incredibly difficult for his social media team to try and regain access to the account.

In a subsequent tweet, Bosslogic claims that RDJ’s team has gotten a handle on the situation, but it remains to be seen exactly how the hackers managed to gain access to the celebrity’s account in the first place.

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