Jio 5G Announced: Reliance Jio to Launch ‘True 5G’ Network in India

jio true 5G network announced

During Reliance’s 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM), the company’s chairman Mukesh Ambani announced the much-awaited details for Jio 5G network on stage today. First off, it’s important to point out that Reliance Jio is not calling its 5G network simply Jio 5G. Instead, the company is calling it Jio True 5G, and that’s because their 5G services will rely solely on Standalone 5G infrastructure. Well, what does that mean for consumers? Let’s find out.

Jio True 5G Network Announced

While announcing the Jio 5G network details on stage, Mukesh Ambani surprised everyone by revealing that their 5G telecom services will be based on SA 5G technology. That’s unlike other Indian telecom companies, including Airtel and Vodafone Idea (Vi), who are reported to be opting for NSA 5G (Non-standalone 5G) in India. Ambani further added that Jio 5G will have zero dependency on their 4G network.

For those unaware, SA 5G means that the network is entirely built upon the official 5G specifications. Here, the base station (core), radio antennas, and all the components are based on the 5G specifications. And even your devices support 5G NR bands. NSA 5G, on the other hand, uses a 4G base station (core) that has been upgraded to support 5G, along with 5G radio antennas.

How does an SA 5G network benefit you, the consumer? Jio True 5G network will have three-fold benefits. Firstly, Jio 5G will be able to deliver ultra-low latency, which is essential for cloud gaming and future use-cases. Secondly, you will get faster speeds compared to rivals like Airtel 5G and Vi 5G, thanks to the SA 5G technology. Finally, you will also get Voice over New Radio (VoNR) support without any interruptions as the network can be scaled to support over 1 million devices at a time. You can read the difference between SA vs NSA 5G in our linked article.

As for when Jio True 5G will be rolled out in India, Reliance announced that it aims to kick start the services from Diwali later this year and expand the service to over 1000 cities by December 2023. You can read the entire Jio 5G roll out plan via the linked article.

Furthermore, Reliance aims to achieve three key objectives with the roll out of Jio True 5G in India. It includes building a more advanced version of mobile broadband, high-quality and affordable services, and stimulate the adoption of connected, intelligent solutions. Finally, Ambani on stage claimed that Jio 5G will become the world’s largest and most advanced 5G network once it’s rolled out. So what are your thoughts on Jio’s ambitious 5G plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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