This Pub Uses AI to Make Digital Queues Using Facial Recognition

ai bar

As an attempt to efficiently manage queues, a pub in London has implemented AI for allotting turns to people. This way, the pub aims to reduce unruly behavior that might happen when impatient people tend to break the line for getting a quick drink.

The AI system implemented in the pub uses facial recognition technology to make this possible. The bar has a large TV screen that shows a live feed denoting the person’s position and estimated wait time to place an order.

“We just want to make the experience more frictionless and fair,” says John Wyllie, managing director of DataSparQ, the company behind this facial recognition technology named A.I. Bar.

Once a person orders the drink and leaves the queue, the AI doesn’t automatically assign the next customer. Instead, bartenders are given tablets so that they can manage and remove people from the queue as soon as they serve the customer’s order.

In addition to managing queues, the AI Bar flags people if they appear underage. While this might be disappointing to a lot of youngsters, it does sound like a good way to prevent underage drinking.

Also, DataSparQ has plans to add support to manage bills in the future. “Rather than you put your card behind the bar and get given a piece of plastic that’s your bar tab, you can just point to all the faces of the people in your group and anyone in that group can order against your tab.”, said Mr. Wyllie.

As soon as facial recognition technology comes to the scene, a privacy risk emerges. The company states that the video footage never leaves the pub and gets deleted every evening before the pub is closed.

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