This Photographer is Doing His Portrait Photoshoots via FaceTime Calls

FaceTime portraits feat.

As the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has locked down the world, it has also led people to get creative by staying indoors in the most unusual ways. We have seen people make crazy things with Lego and we have seen drones walking dogs on the streets. Now, this photographer is continuing his work indoors by taking portrait shots via FaceTime calls.

The lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus has led professional photographers out of business, especially the wedding photographers. However, as humans always find a way to survive, Tim Dunk, a wedding photographer has adopted a new way to carry on with his work while staying locked down in his Yorkshire home.

As the photographer cannot go up close to his subjects, he is bringing his subjects close to him virtually by using relevant tech. Tim uses his MacBook Pro to FaceTime his clients, who typically use an iPhone or an iPad. Then, he instructs his subjects to create a well-lit environment by using blinds and drapes. Once done, the photographer then asks his subjects to strike a pose for the amazing portrait shots.

As there are no DSLRs involved in the projects, Tim clicks the photos using the “Live Photos” button in FaceTime, that allows the user to click a live photo of the caller. This saves the pictures in the Photos app in his MacBook, from which he exports them in a folder to again import them in Lightroom. In Lightroom, the photographer edits the pictures by blowing the highlights and adding grain for the “lo-fi aesthetic“.

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The portraits that were taken by the photographer look really cool, although the image quality was not up to his mark. Tim addressed this by saying “The image quality is not going to be great! Embrace it!”.

Dunk has already done more than 50 photoshoots via FaceTime. So, if you want some FaceTime portraits of your own, you can book the photographer from his official website.

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