What Does ‘f’ Symbol Mean on FaceTime

In Short
  • The new f symbol in FaceTime in iOS 17 replaces the man inside a circle icon, which used to be available in iOS 16.
  • Tapping the "f" icon in the FaceTime call enables the portrait mode by adding background blur.
  • You can even adjust the intensity of the background blur via the Control Center.

Recently updated your iPhone to iOS 17 and can’t figure out what the new f symbol means on FaceTime. Well, you are alone. The new “f” icon on FaceTime represents the background blur feature. It is just an upgraded version of the man icon inside a circle found in iOS 16 and isn’t something new like Effects in FaceTime. Keep reading to learn what does f symbol means on FaceTime in iOS 17 and how it works.

f Icon on FaceTime in iOS 17

As explained above, the F icon in an active FaceTime call represents the background blur feature and can be enabled with just a tap. When enabled, the F icon adds a depth-of-field effect on your face and blurs the surroundings, making you look sharper and clearer.

Portrait mode in FaceTime call

Not only this, your iPhone also allows you to adjust the intensity of the background blur via the Control Center.

Here’s how:

  • While you’re on a FaceTime call, swipe down from the top right of your iPhone screen to pull down the Control Center.
  • Tap the Video Effects at the top.
  • Here, tap the three dots in the Portrait button.
  • Now, use the Depth slider to adjust the background blur intensity.
adjusting background blur in FaceTime blur on iPhone

And that’s it; this was all you needed to know about the all-new “f” symbol on FaceTime.

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