Pokemon GO Stakataka Raid Guide (Ultra Beast)

In Short
  • Stakataka is an ultra beast that first appeared in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and is now a five-star raid boss in Pokemon GO.
  • While this Pokemon's strengths include being powerful against Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice, and other Pokemon, its weaknesses include Fighting, Water, and Ground Pokemon.
  • Stakataka has a lot of good counters, including Lucario, Garchomp, Blaziken, and more.

With the advent of the Ultra Space Wonders event in Pokemon GO, you can catch a Stakataka and its shiny variant during the raid. One of the ultra beasts in the series, it comes with its strengths and weaknesses and has started appearing in 5-star raids. With the monster appearing in the raids from May 23 to June 1, you must be itching to fight it. Step back for a minute and keep reading our Pokemon GO Stakataka raid guide to know the monster’s weaknesses and counters!

Stakataka Weaknesses and Strengths in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Stakataka Raid Guide (Ultra Beast)
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Let’s begin by talking about Stakataka’s weaknesses in Pokemon GO. The Pokemon is specifically weak against Fighting, Water, and Ground Pokemon. Hence, if you can bring a Pokemon with a mix of any of the three mentioned elements, they’ll be much more effective fighting Stakataka in the raid.

While we, of course, want to know about what Stakataka is weak to, you should also know its strengths. Stakataka is a Rock/Steel-type Ultra Beast first introduced in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon.

As such, Stakataka’s strengths include being strong against Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice, Fairy, Normal, Dragon, Psychic, or Rock-type Pokemon. While I know that’s a lot of types, I suggest steering clear of these.

Best Stakataka Counters in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Stakataka counters

Now that we know Stakataka’s weaknesses let’s look at its best counters. To save you time, they are:

  • Machamp or Shadow Machamp: (Counter and Dynamic Punch)
  • Lucario: (Counter and Aura Sphere)
  • Primal Groudon: (Mud Shot and Precipice Blades)
  • Garchomp or Mega Garchomp: (Mud Shot and Earth Power)
  • Blaziken or Mega Blaziken: (Counter and Focus Blast)
  • Heracross or Mega Heracross: (Counter and Close Combat)

While any Pokemon belonging to the fighting, rock, and water types will do, I suggest bringing Lucario, Garchomp, or Blaziken to the fight. If you have their Mega variant, that’s even better.

How to Get Stakataka in Pokemon GO

It is now time to act upon the Stakataka raid guide. Before you begin, do note that Stakataka, as a raid boss, will only appear in the Eastern Hemisphere. The western hemisphere will get Blacephalon. If you’re the latter, stay tuned for our raid guide on the same!

Remember, you require a Raid Pass to join the fight. Since this is a 5-star raid begin by preparing a party of two or more people. Once everyone joins, initiate the battle with the best Stakataka Counters we mentioned above. Successfully defeating Stakataka will give you the Pokemon as a reward.

Were you able to capture this elusive Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!

Can you encounter a Shiny Stakataka during raids?

Unfortunately, The shiny Stakataka will not be available in the Pokemon GO. We must wait till another event to add it.

Can you catch Stakataka if you aren’t in the Eastern Hemisphere?

Unfortunately no. There is no official way to capture the Pokemon if you don’t stay in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Does Stakataka have an evolution?

No. Stakataka is an ultimate beast and doesn’t have any evolved form.

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