Pokemon GO Blacephalon Raid Guide (Ultra Beast)

In Short
  • Blacephalon is an ultra beast that first appeared in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and is now a 5-star raid boss in Pokemon GO.
  • This Pokemon's strengths include its power against Poison, Bugs, Steel, Fire, and Grass, and its weaknesses include Water, Rock, Ground, Ghost, and Dark.
  • Blacephalon has a lot of good counters, including Kyogre, Tyranitar, Swampert, and more.

Besides the Ultra Beast Stakataka, the Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders event brings Blacephalon to the table. You can expect to encounter this Pokemon GO raid boss during the 5-star raids in-game. However, being unprepared here means losing your battle. So, if you are a new Pokemon GO trainer who wants to capture this monster, keep reading through our Pokemon GO Blacephalon raid guide and win!

Blacephalon Weaknesses and Strengths in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Blacephallon strengths and weaknesses
Image Courtesy: Pokemon Wiki/Pokemon Anime

Like Stakataka, Blacephalon is a dual-type Pokemon, which comes with its own weaknesses. In particular, Blacephalon is against Water, Ground, Rock, Ghost, and Dark Pokemon. So if you can bring a Pokemon with a mix of the five mentioned elements, they’ll be much more effective in fighting Blacephalon in the raid.

However, like any Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you have to remember its strengths. This is a Fire/Ghost Ultra Beast from Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon.

As such, Blacephalon’s strengths include being effective against Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, or Fairy-type Pokemon. The Pokemon will easily resist any of these attacks, causing a lot of annoyance for you and your teammates.

Best Blacephalon Counters in Pokemon GO

Balcephalon Pokemon GO Counters

Now that we know Blacephalon’s weaknesses, let’s look at its best counters. To save you time, these are:

  • Primal Kyogre: (Waterfall and Origin Pulse)
  • Tyranitar or Shadow Tyranitar: (Bite and Brutal Swing)
  • Swampert or Mega Swampert: (Water Gun and Hydro Cannon)
  • Prime Groudon: (Mud Shot and Precipice Blades)
  • Kyogre Primal: (Waterfall and Origin Pulse)
  • Garchomp or Mega Garchomp: (Mud Shot and Earth Power)

While any Pokemon belonging to the fighting, rock, and water types will do, I suggest bringing Tyranitar, Primal Kyogre, or Swampert to the fight. If you have their Mega variant, that’s even better.

How to Get Blacephalon in Pokemon GO

As in our Pokemon GO Stakataka raid guide, you should know that Blacephalon won’t be available as a raid boss everywhere. As such, Blacephalon only appears in the Western Hemisphere. If you find yourself on the eastern side, we suggest sticking to Stakataka in Pokemon GO.

Once you know that and have a raid pass, let’s begin to defeat Blacephalon. First, prepare a party of two or more people since this is a 5-star raid.

Once you and your friends join, start the battle with the best of Blacephalon’s counters to defeat it Blacephalon. Successfully withstanding Blacephalon attacks will reward you with the Pokemon.

Were you able to capture this elusive Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!

Can you encounter a Shiny Blacephalon during raids?

Unfortunately, the shiny Blacephalon will not be available right now. We must wait for another event to add it.

Can you catch Blacephalon if you aren’t in the Western Hemisphere?

Unfortunately no. There is no official way to capture the Pokemon if you don’t stay in the Western Hemisphere.

Does Blacephalon have an evolution?

No. Blacephalon is an ultimate beast and doesn’t have any evolved form.

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