Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problems: Everything You Should Know Before Buying It

Poco F1: 4 Flagship-Level Features That Make it a Great Purchase

Without a doubt, the Poco F1 is capable of knocking out leading smartphones in many departments. I do not think any other manufacturer can dare to challenge this striking combination of pricing and specs at this time. However, it does look like that Poco has left some bits unfinished while attempting to build the perfect smartphone that meets the price and performance expectations.

We’ve come to witness issues which range from lack of attention to detail, or issues from migrating elements from MIUI to the new environment called “MIUI for Poco“. Poco has also acknowledged many of these bugs, yet there are some issues which either have to be addressed or acknowledged by the company yet.

Top Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problem

So, here’s a list of all the issues which I have personally come across while using this phone for the past couple of weeks, or learned about from user reports on Twitter and Reddit.

1. Lack of HD Support Netflix

Yes, the issue has been brought up a lot and there seems to be no solution in sight. The Poco F1 is incapable of playing HD videos on VOD apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Google Play Movies. The lack of a Widevine L1 license limits the Poco F1’s video playing capability to a maximum of 540p.

Top Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And ProblemThis is an issue that was highlighted with OnePlus 5 and 5T last year and comes back in light with Pocophone’s enormous popularity. For now, Poco is investigating the issue but let me tell you, the license prohibits granting access to this feature via OTA. Just for a head start, you might have to visit a service center to get the issue resolved, if Pocophone decides to fix it.

2. Cramped Status Bar

The Poco F1 UI, or MIUI in general, falls short when it comes to the utility of the notch. While the notch helps add a tall display, the trade-off in this case is that you lose out on the notifications. This is largely due to cramped display area surrounding the notch.

Top Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problem

So there’s no other way of seeing current notifications without dragging the notification tray down. This is bad, especially if you prize your privacy and have disabled notifications on the lock screen. This is despite the fact that you actually get an option to display different notification badges and activity indicators in the status bar.

Poco could have used the free space at least when the clock is not displayed on the status bar, but since that is not so this part of the display is typically wasted.

3. Mystery of the Hidden Clock

Following up with the last point, there is something fishy with the way MIUI for Poco deals with the clock which is on the left of the notch. The clock in not visible on the home screen when the stock clock widget is used, while it emerges when you switch to another screen or open an app. The feature is lifted off of MIUI too.

Top Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problem

The problem, however, is that when you open the app drawer from the homescreen, the clock stays hidden. On the other hand, when the app drawer is opened from a any other page, where you can see the clock anyway, the clock stays. I know this is a small issue and might not bother a lot of people, but it takes away from the perfection that a good UI demands.

4. Not OK, Google

You might be feeling ill-fated if you’ve recently bought the Poco F1 and are greatly dependent on Google Assistant. I say so because the Poco F1 currently lacks support for “OK Google” hotword detection and this is definitely a bug. Poco has acknowledged the issue and said that it is working on a fix.

5. Asymmetric Corners

Another issue that easily grabs attention is the poor symmetry between the left and the right edges of the screen when viewed in landscape mode. This, as I also mentioned in the full review of Poco F1, is because of the curvature of the bottom corners being much higher than most other devices, and this oversight leads to some elements being hidden or cut-off while in use. See our example below from PUBG Mobile.

Top Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problem

The other half of the screen is not pleasing either simply because the corners start gently but end sharply, almost as if they were cut off before they could complete the curve.

6. No Chicken Dinner for Bad Shooters

Admittedly, the LCD display on the Poco F1 is good but not as good as the AMOLED panels which grace more premium devices such as the OnePlus 6 or the more expensive Galaxy S9+. Of course, the LCD panel helps Poco keep colors closer to original but an issue which has bugged many PUBG Mobile enthusiasts is ghost touch on the Poco F1.

Many Poco F1 owners have complained of difficulty in using multi-touch inside games. While playing PUBG, users find it difficult to point the reticle or crosshair, when using the joystick.

Initial speculations suggested that it was because of the well-known bug in MIUI which results in ghost-touch when you swipe three fingers down for a screenshot. But disabling the gesture does not fix the issue on Poco F1. I haven’t personally faced it – or have failed to take note – but listening to many users adding to the echo, I believe Poco has enough reports to find a solution soon.

7. Sound Control on PUBG

Another issue that can trouble some hardcore PUBG players is the sub-optimal volume control in the game. While there’s no problem in toggling the volume normally, the volume control breaks when you switch on the mic on to chat with teammates.

Top Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problem

Noticeably, the icon also changes to that of a loudspeaker. This issue, too, has been recognized by Poco and is likely to be fixed in the next update.

Poco F1 Bugs & Issues: Killing the Flagship Ambition

I have no doubt that the Poco F1 is highly capable and reliable but the above-listed issues mar the everyday user experience. Despite so many great features, we can’t help but feel some corners have been cut, which is bound to be noticed by users. Hopefully, many of these will be fixed through software updates.

Top Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problem

Xiaomi and Pocophone have taken note of many of these issues in this forum post, and we hope there’s a solution in the works for most of them. Meanwhile, we promise to keep you updated on the issues and let you know as and when Xiaomi or Poco fixes them.

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  • Varma says:

    My mobile compliant phone calling issue and it will be go to other but we can’t hear anything and when we cut the phone it show to reboot the mobile and videos are not playing and we can’t hear any sound but mobile working good

  • Anil Kumar says:

    My phones volume buttons stops working after a couple of hours of usage I have to keep restarting the phone to enable usage again and the problem repeats again. I have heard a lot of users have faced this issue as well. Do you see a solution for this? This looks like a software problem.

    • Tushar Mehta says:

      Hey, I have been using the phone as my daily driver. Haven’t come across it. Have you updated to MIUI 10?

  • Yaswanth says:

    Cannot give permission to usb disk. By this I mean when I plug a pendrive into poco f1, I can browse the contents. But if I want to delete something on my pendrive then it doesn’t give the permission to do that though I followed the onscreen instruction to grant permission.

    • Tushar Mehta says:

      Hey, I’m able to use an OTG

  • Vishwajeet singh says:

    There also an issue with my apple earphones compatiblity ….when i connect apple one….the volume automatically get zero…when i try try to raise it up…the next second it again drops to zero…just like ghostly touch….but when i plug my sony earphones it works fine …also my apple earphones are also tested in other phone they are working fine….

    • Tushar Mehta says:

      Hey Vishwajeet, thank’s for bringing it to our notice. Will surely check this and update the article 🙂

  • Vinith says:

    I Want to see Netflix in HD,Is there any possible to get the lisence via a update?

    • Tushar Mehta says:

      You might be required to take it to the service center – that’s what OnePlus asked user to do. But there’s no word about Xiaomi’s intention yet so I won’t give you a false promise. It is a 50-50 chance as of now.

  • Neeraj Baranwal says:

    The multi touch issues is present in many mobiles
    And it has been fixed too
    So that will not be a problem
    My zenfone Max Pro M1 also had that but it is solved now

    • Tushar Mehta says:

      I’m sure Poco has a solution

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