PlayStation Summer Sale: 35 Best Deals You Should Check Out

If there is one thing gamers over the world wait for, it’s the arrival of seasonal sales that bring with them discounts on almost every game out there. This year’s Steam Summer Sale was one of them. However, console gamers now get the last laugh as the PlayStation Summer Sale has officially begun and will continue until August 4. It brings some amazing discounts on over 1100 games, but we all know you don’t have the time to handpick every game out there. So instead, we created a list of the best PlayStation Summer Sale deals you should check out right now and empty your wallets.

Best PlayStation Summer Sale Deals You Should Check Out (2021)

We understand that gamers who have recently bought the PS5 must also be looking for some good deals. Hence, we have divided this article based on PS5 and PS4 console game deals. Moreover, there are also some amazing bundles and other games you will find below. With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

Best PS5 Deals in PlayStation Summer Sale

1. Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls playstation summer sale

One of the best deals available during the PlayStation summer sale, Demon’s Souls, is the game that kicked off the entire Dark Souls franchise. Demon Souls has been built from the ground up for PS5 and features amazing next-gen graphics that will astound you.

The game puts you in the shoes of a lone warrior whose sole purpose is to make his way through the dark land and defeat The Old One, the main antagonist of Demon’s Souls. However, remember that it won’t be easy since Demon’s Souls is the prime example of a challenging journey that might have you screaming in anger from time to time. Nevertheless, check out this great deal during the sale.

Demon’s Souls (29% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $49.69

2. Returnal


PS5 roguelike game lovers who have been waiting for a discount on Returnal, well, now’s your chance. For those unaware, a roguelike game features the elements of a loop where you retain almost zero progress every time your character dies and must start over.

Built on the same principle, Returnal follows Selena, a space pilot who crash lands on an alien planet. While Selena tries to get her bearings and discovers her surroundings, she finds bodies of herself. Set in a time loop, Returnal will have you battling various monsters while dying over and over again. So the PS5 players who are looking for something different, Returnal is on discount during this PlayStation summer sale.

Get Returnal (29% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $49.69

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


If you are a childhood fan of the Spiderman series and have made your way through the original title, Miles Morales is for you. Featuring a main character of the same name, Miles Morales follows his journey as he moves to Harlem after being trained by the original Spiderman Peter Parker. However, it is now up to Miles to protect New York when it comes under threats from villains such as Rhino, Kingpin, and more. The game supports 4K HDR Ray Tracing, along with a 60fps mode, and is a deal you shouldn’t miss out on during this sale.

Get Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (30% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $34.99

4. NBA 2K21 Next Generation

NBA 21 playstation summer sale

Basketball fans can rejoice as the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 is on discount during the PlayStation summer sale. With multi-faceted improvements to the gameplay, game modes, and competitive and community online features, NBA 2K21 is a step-up from the previous iteration. The next-gen version features more visual enhancements and gets this game as close to as it will feel on the court. So if you and your friends have the PS5, get NBA 2K21 right now and jump into a quick game.

Get NBA 2K21 (72% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $19.59

5. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut


One of the best role-playing games, Disco Elysium puts players in the shoes of a raging alcoholic detective who has been sent to investigate a murder. Aided by a partner who slowly grows from being cold to a firm ally, you must clean up your act and solve the case before it’s too late. The game’s RPG elements come from a unique skill system that you put points in. Furthermore, the world of Disco Elysium is full of life, which you will experience yourself when you buy this game during the PlayStation summer sale.

Get Disco Elysium (40% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $23.99

6. MotoGP 21


Why be sad if you can’t step out to drive your bike these days? MotoGP 21 brings that and much more in the PS5 version of the game. Supporting up to 22 online players, MotoGP 21 puts you in the shoes of over 100 official riders. Race on over 20 tracks and take full control of your bike and your career as you race to glory. Players looking for that perfect simulation feel will be glad to know you can check and keep track of the most minute details of your bike in this game. That includes the level of fuel, the temperature of your brakes, and even the wear of your tires. So ahead, customize your helmet and suit and get into MotoGP 21.

Get MotoGP 21 (40% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $29.99

7. Judgment

Judgement playstation summer sale

Another one of SEGA’s creations, Judgement, follows the tale of a disgraced attorney named Takayuki Yagami as he tries to find redemption. Your character will make his way through Kamurocho’s underground crime network as you go forth in danger and investigate murders. While you may think this is out of your league, it appears that Yagami has changed career lines and has become a private detective. Featuring an intense combination of crime-solving, detection, and combat, Judgement is a good deal that you can get for your PS5 right now.

Get Judgement (35% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $25.99

8. Ride 4

Ride 4

Published by the same developer as MotoGP 21, Ride 4 is another bike racing game that you can get behind. Being next-gen optimized, Ride 4 looks thrilling on the PS5 and provides that next-level visual appeal that gamers want in 2021. While both the racing games are almost equally on par, Ride 4 provides a wide selection of vehicles to choose from which total over 170. You also get a career mode where you can create your own team and manage everything. Ride 4 is on discount during this PlayStation Summer sale and you will also get a season pass if you purchase it within the next two weeks.

Get Ride 4 (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $24.99

9. Observer: System Redux

Observer Redux

Observer is an interesting combination of a horror-thriller game set in a cyberpunk era. Set in the year 2084, the game’s world has been contaminated by a great plague and a war, leaving a dark future. Observer puts players in the shoes of Daniel Lazarski, an elite investigator who can hack into the minds of suspects to extract evidence. However, Daniel can also extract what the suspects felt, thought, or remembered. Now, he must use this information to solve his cases.

Initially released in 2017, Observer: System Redux brings many improved visual elements and three brand new cases in tow. So if you are a first-time player of Observer, pick this game up for your PS5 during the PS Summer Sale.

Get Observer: System Redux (20% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $23.99

10. The Pathless

The Pathless playstation summer sale

No doubt you have heard us mention The Pathless before, even in our recent best iPad games collection, but only for good reason. Published by Annapurna Interactive, the studio famous for bringing out games that hit different and Giant Squid, the developers of Abzu, The Pathless is an amazing game.

You are The Hunter, a master of archery who travels to an ancient island to lift a curse that plagues it. To achieve this, you must go all out as you embark on a path to hunt and defeat giant corrupted spirits that lurk in the woods while preserving your own life. This open-world game gives you a lot of room to explore and if you ever get stuck, call upon your eagle to help you out. The Pathless is on sale this PlayStation summer sale, go check it out right now.

Get The Pathless (30% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $27.99

Best PS4 Deals in PlayStation Summer Sale

While the PS5 may be the latest console by Sony right now, there is no doubt that it’s severely out of stock over the world. So we understand if you have not been able to get your hands on it yet. So, players who are rocking the massively loved PS4 instead, the PlayStation summer sale has some awesome deals for you in-store too. Check them out below.

1. God of War Digital Deluxe Edition

God of War

The perfect opening, isn’t it? God of War remains one of the best PS4 hits to this date. If you have played the previous versions and grew up on them as we did, you will be excited to know that the game still follows Kratos. Living a life of solitude with his son, Kratos is not the same God we all remember.

Living as an ordinary man, Kratos is trying to teach his son Atreus how to survive since the death of his wife. However, Atreus’ mother had one last wish: to spread her ashes from the top of the mountain. When their home is attacked by a stranger who wants the boy, it is up to Kratos to protect his son and make this perilous journey for which he is not ready. Get this game during the PlayStation summer sale before it’s gone.

Get God of War (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $14.99

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Serving as the fourth installment in the Uncharted series, A Thief’s End is another PlayStation hit that many gamers swear by. The story of Uncharted 4 follows Nathan Drake, a former treasure hunter who is forced back into the world of thieves. The game follows Nathan and his journey across the world to search for the location of a long-lost treasure. An ambitious mix of stealth, combat, puzzle, and exploration, Uncharted 4 has also been PS4 Pro enhanced and features some stunning visual upgrades you should watch out for.

Get Uncharted 4 (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $9.99

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead

A beautiful story of wasted loyalty and faithful redemption, Red Dead 2 follows the journey of Arthur Morgan, a deadly cowboy and bandit in the Van der Linde Gang. Having been raised and trained by the gang’s leader Dutch Van der Linde, Arthur is fiercely loyal to him.

The game serves as a prequel to the ultra-popular Red Dead 1 and follows Arthur as he changes from a violent but loyal man to a calm and peaceful one. Set in the era of America when cowboys are a dying breed, the game puts players through a beautiful visual and narrative journey while also breaking them. The PS summer sale has it available at a discount right now.

Get Red Dead 2 (59% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $24.59

4. Marvel’s Spider-Man Game of The Year Edition

Spider Man

If you have not played through Miles Morales, we suggest picking up this Spider-Man and learning more about Peter Parker. Marvel’s Spider-Man follows the journey of Peter Parker, a research assistant who gains superhuman abilities after being bitten by a genetically modified spider. Peter uses these abilities to protect his beloved New York City while hiding his identity. Spider-Man is an open-world exploration game that gives players the ability to go about flying in the entire city while undertaking story missions to stop a dangerous criminal plot. So before you buy the PS5, play Spider-Man and experience the game.

Get Marvel’s Spider-Man (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $19.99


Hitman 3 playstation summer sale

This stealth action game puts an end to the World of Assassination franchise and serves as the eighth overall in the Hitman series. You play Agent 47, a deadly assassin who is in charge of hunting down the leaders of Providence, the evil organization behind the world’s affairs. Like the ever classic Hitman games before it, Hitman 3 puts players in complex situations where they must use stealth, deceit, and violence to take out a target and make their escape.

Hitman 3 also contains six new locations that range from Dubai to Berlin. PS4 players who never tried Hitman might want to pick this game up at this year’s PlayStation summer sale.

Get HITMAN 3 (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $29.99

6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


If you read about Demon’s Souls and liked it, then you will love Sekiro. Not made for the faint of heart, Sekiro follows the journey of the one-armed wolf who is out to reclaim his captured lord while trying to fight the Ashina Clan. Although the combat in Sekiro is absolutely brutal, be aware that you will die a thousand times before you are done with it.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the one game that will take hours to master, but when you drive your sword through your enemy’s chests, you will realize that it was worth it. Check out Sekiro right now.

Get Sekiro (35% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $38.99

7. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus playstation summer sale

Metro Exodus is another addition to the award-winning Metro franchise based on the books of writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. The story, as before, follows Artyom, a soldier living in a world that has been devastated by nuclear war. Married to the love of his life, whom he found in the previous game, Artyom regularly goes up to the surface to search for signs of other humans.

While being constantly told that Moscow is the only city that survived, Artyom one day discovers that other humans are alive, and that serves as the foundation of the entire story. Metro Exodus features a rich storyline, beautiful graphics, and likable non-linear gameplay. We suggest you pick up this gem during the Playstation summer sale.

Get Metro Exodus (65% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $13.99

8. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect

If you have never played the Mass Effect trilogy, then go ahead and buy the legendary edition right now. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a compilation of all the Mass Effect video games in the trilogy. Containing over 40 DLCs from the Mass Effect games, the story follows Commander Shepard. He’s an elite human soldier who must unite the galactic community against a highly advanced race called the Reapers.

The game’s legendary edition has been remastered and optimized for 4K UHD, so be prepared to experience some heavy graphic enhancements while you live through this amazing trilogy.

Get Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (25% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $44.99

9. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

AC Odyssey

Players who are a fan of Ubisoft’s long-running franchise will be excited about this one. AC Odyssey is the eleventh installment in the Assassins Creed franchise and features a fresh set of role-playing elements that set it apart from older iterations. The story in Assassins Creed Odyssey does not focus on Assassins vs Templars but instead focuses on the war between Athens and Sparta.

Put in the shoes of either Alexios and Kassandra, the players are Spartan mercenaries fighting during the Peloponnesian War. Since Odyssey encompasses RPG elements, the choices you make in this game hold weight and directly influence the course of the story. However, Odyssey retains the open-world nature of Assassins Creed and is a treat to play.

Get Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (75% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $14.99

10. Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition

GTA V playstation summer sale

Released back in 2013, GTA V continues to be one the best-selling most popular games of all time. Grand Theft Auto set the bar in multi storytelling by giving players not one but three different characters to play from. Moreover, the storylines of all the characters are intertwined together and result in a chaotic and amazing ending.

But, if you have already completed the story and want to get into GTA Online, which is all the buzz these days, the Premium Edition also brings that along with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. So don your gangster clothes and log in to GTA V.

Get GTA V: Premium Edition (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $14.99

Best Bundle Discounts in PlayStation Summer Sale

Once you are done making your purchases from the list of games above, check out these amazing bundles that will get you both the PS5 and PS4 editions at once.

1. STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition

Jedi Fallen Order

From Respawn Entertainment, the creators behind the classic hit Titanfall 2, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is an action-adventure game set in the Star Wars universe. Set five years after Episode III, Fallen Order follows Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis as he becomes the target of the Galactic Empire. Cal must escape his pursuers and his past while rebuilding the fallen empire.

Played from a third-person perspective, Fallen Order gives players access to a lightsaber and the Force and sets them free. The Fallen Order bundle contains the PS5 digital version readily available to download, among other goodies like a digital art book, Crimson Mantis skin, and behind-the-scenes videos.

Get STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $24.99

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cross Gen Bundle

COD Cold War

Set between the events of COD: Black Ops and Black Ops2, Cold War follows Bell, a soldier who is recruited into a CIA task force, to hunt down a USSR extremist group in the early 1980’s Cold War Era. This intense first-person shooter contains a plethora of weapon sets that promise tight and hard-hitting combat.

You will battle in various locations, including the likes of Berlin, Vietnam, Russia, and more. For players who would like to see Mason again, he’s in Cold War as well, along with the classic Zombies mode. Get the Cross Gen bundle during the PlayStation Summer Sale and gear up for the future.

Get Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $29.99

3. Sackboy: A Big Adventure Digital Deluxe Edition

Sackboy playstation summer sale

If you are tired of intense games that require you to be alert at all times, then perhaps Sackboy will come as a much-needed break for you. Set in the little village of Loom in Craftworld, the game follows the adventures of Sackboy as he tries to defeat the villain Vex who rips the village apart and captures all the sack people.

Having escaped Vex, Sackboy must stop him from finishing his Topsy Turner machine and save Craftworld. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the type of game that you can play to relax. Get the Deluxe bundle to gain access to the PS5 version too.

Get Sackboy: A Big Adventure (25% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $59.99

4. It Takes Two

It Takes Two

Another casual yet story-rich game, It Takes Two, sets things on an emotional yet fulfilling path. Specially designed for cooperative gaming, the game focuses on Cody and May, a married couple planning on divorce. However, before anything can happen, the couple is trapped inside the bodies of their daughter’s dolls, who are play-acting and trying to fix their relationship.

A mix of exploration and platformer games, It Takes Two is a game best enjoyed with a significant other or your friends. Featuring a storyline that teaches stuff about life, this is a game you should definitely get during this Playstation summer sale. The bundle contains the native PS5 version, and you can even download a friend pass for free.

Get It Takes Two (25% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $29.99

5. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

This one is for the veteran Borderlands players. Borderlands 3 builds on its predecessor and picks up a world full of elements, including weapons, abilities, and four new characters, each with their own powers. The game focuses on the same RPG-style elements and cooperative gameplay that made the other Borderlands games great.

Like in previous games, Borderlands is set on the planet Pandora but takes place seven years after Handsome Jack’s death. Many characters you are used to are making a return in this game, including vault hunter Lilith, Claptrap, Briack, Marcus Kincaid, and more. The PS5 version (included in the bundle) is fully optimized for the best experience and can go up to 4K at 60fps. If there ever was a time to continue the Borderlands storyline, it is now.

Get Borderlands 3 (67% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $19.79

Bonus: Other Amazing Deals You Should Check Out in the PlayStation Summer Sale

If you still haven’t had your fill, there is no reason to worry as we have even more exciting games for you. Check out this quick list of more amazing games you can find during the PS Summer Sale.

You can see the complete list of games available at a discount on PS4 and PS5 during the Summer sale event on the PlayStation Blog right here.

Grab the Best Deals During PlayStation Summer Sale

We hope you found some great deals in the list we have compiled above and had lots of fun purchasing some of these popular games during the PlayStation Summer Sale. If you have already got your picks and want to test them out, try these useful Playstation 5 tips and tricks before you do. Which game is your favorite on this list? Do let us know in the comments below.

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