You Can Now Register to Get a Pre-order Invite for the PlayStation 5

playstation 5 pre order registrations

While we wait for any actual tidbit of information from Sony about the upcoming PlayStation 5 launch, the company is now letting users register to get an invite for PS5 pre orders.

The company will apparently have a limited number of PlayStation 5 consoles available for pre order. And if you want to be one of the first few people to buy it, you’re gonna need to register right now. However, simply registering won’t guarantee you an invite. Sony will be sending pre order invites to randomly selected users from the list of registrations. Also, if you do get an invite, you will then have to actually reserve your pre order. This is going to happen on a first come first serve basis. So, once you receive your invite, you will have to hurry up to successfully place a pre order.

There are things to keep in mind here, such as the fact that you will be allowed to pre order only one console. Along with that, you can get up to two DualSense controllers, and a PS 5 accessories. Moreover, you will need a US address to get the console shipped. Sony is not shipping pre orders worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, Sony hasn’t revealed anything about the price of the console, or a proper release date. We have leaks and rumours about the pricing, and judging by the upcoming Fortnite bundle, we have a guess about the release date. However, those are all just guesses and we will have to wait for Sony to announce something. Hopefully soon.

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