Pixel Buds 2 Users Facing Audio Cutout Issues

google pixel buds 2

Google launched the long-awaited Pixel Buds 2 last month at $179. Within a month’s period, Google’s support threads and a bunch of Reddit posts are getting filled up with random audio drop issues of the company’s latest truly wireless earbuds.

According to Pixel Buds 2 users, the earbuds are suffering from audio cutouts while performing basic activities like walking around and jogging – the use-cases companies pitch to get users on board the wireless freedom hype-train. Some users are allegedly facing Bluetooth pairing issues as well.

“I noticed that if I touched the left earbud or moved my head too much, it would cut out. I tried running with them and they were unusable, the left bud cutting in and out the whole time (or going completely silent). When it did work, it was like a half second behind the right one. I tried holding the phone in my hand, next to the earbuds, in my pocket, nothing helped. They did finally update the firmware on them, and I feel like the cutting in and out got worse.”, wrote a Reddit user.

From what it looks like, this is certainly not the experience one would expect from a huge tech giant like Google. The Pixel Buds 2 was supposed to rectify all the issues of the infamous original Pixel Buds and make Google’s TWS offering mainstream. It is indeed surprising how the Pixel Buds 2 is facing such issues despite being announced several months earlier.

Google recently released a firmware update (version 295) for the Pixel Buds 2 but that hasn’t reportedly solved the issue either. We could expect the software giant to release an update in the coming weeks to address the rising concerns of Pixel Buds 2 users.

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