8 Best Photo Stitching Software

When it comes to capturing stunning landscapes, frames are never sufficiently big, even when you have a wide angle lens with you! Well, suppose you have a wide angle lens with you; even then, you might have to crop an image if you want to have a focused panorama shot. Nevertheless, if you’ve a tripod and a camera with manual options, you have a better solution out there — Panorama shots through photo stitching! Photo stitching is a process used for creation of panoramic shot by combining several images, given that all these images have overlapping segments. The best thing about this method is that you can have a high-resolution panoramic shot using your 18-55 mm or other lenses.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the term Photo Stitching — that is incredibly easier! In this post, we have a list of top 8 photo stitching software, which you can use for creating panoramic images that have enhanced clarity and resolution. If you want to use the software, you should be a bit more careful while you capture. For instance, it’s rather necessary that all the images should have common exposure and that tripod level should be kept same during the capturing process. If these are set, we will just move onto the list.

Best Photo Stitching Software

 1. Hugin

Hugin Photo Stitching Software

An open source initiative, Hugin lets you enhance your panoramic photography by combining overlapping images, as we said earlier. Hugin is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and it is being used by a large number of photographers when they need high-resolution panoramic shots. It’s a fact that Hugin prioritizes customizability & advanced functions, and thus it’s more or less for professionals. For instance, you can find control points and edit the parameters used so that you get the best output.

Other notable features of Hugin include its feature to correct shots that are wavy due to inconsistency of level, support for various projection types, advanced corrections, support for HDR Stitching etc. User Interface of Hugin is not that tough, but you can get accustomed to it if you’re ready to take some effort. So, go for Hugin when you need a feature-rich and professional panorama software.

  • Price: Free

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2. Image Composite Editor

Image Composite Editor - Photo stitching software

Image Composite Editor is the common name for Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor and it’s a project from Computational Photography Group of Microsoft Research wing. Apart from combination of overlapped shots and the export to popular formats like JPEG and TIFF, Image Composite Editor offers support for Silverlight DeepZoom & HD View that are multi-resolution tiled formats. Also, there is an option to upload the multi-resolution output image to Photosynth site of Microsoft. Image Composite Editor is available only for Windows and it has support for Windows XP,7,8 and Windows 8.1.

Notable features of ICE are support for different kinds of camera motion, Gigapixel image support, the feature for exposure blending and the feature to automatically complete missing image parts like sky, clouds etc. An extreme newbie and professional would find Image Composite Editor to be useful and that is what keeps it apart.

  • Price: Free

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3. Kolor Autopano


Kolor Autopano is a premium photo stitching software that is available for Windows (Windows 7, 8; 64 bits only, ready for Windows 10), Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and Mac OS X 10.5 & later! In spite of the features it offers, Kolor Autopano comes with an extremely intuitive User Interface, which lets almost any user to complete the panorama stitching process in two steps. There are two variants of Kolor Autopano you can get — Kolor Autopano Pro and Kolor Autopano Giga. The latter variant offers additional features like masking tool & pre-stitching plugins. However, general features of Kolor Autopano include support for up to 400 input file formats, 7 export file formats and the ability to create both 360 Degree and 180 Degree Panorama shots by putting the least efforts.

If you want to really know the power of Kolor Autopano, you can check out the Gallery page, where you have a set of panoramic shots that are stitched using the tool.

  • Price: 99 Euros for Autopano Pro and 199 Euros for Autopano Giga

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4. Autostitch


Autostitch is a bit different from other photo stitching software we have mentioned here. Unlike those, you can use Autostitch to stitch photographs in the most effective way without any kind of input from your side. For instance, the first photo stitching software mentioned in the list wants you to choose matching points and then starts merging. On the other hand, Autostitch can find matching sections of inputted images and proceed with the image stitching process.

There is a demo version of the tool available, with lesser options, but you will have to go for the Pro version if you need features like Cylindrical and Planar projections. To find matches between images, Autostitch uses the SIFT Algorithm. In short, when you need an image stitching software that is simple enough, you can move on with Autostitch. It is available for both OS X and Windows.

  • Price: Free Demo & Commercial Variants available

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5. PTGui


PTGui is a blazingly fast solution you can depend upon when you need a photo stitching software with an impressive User Interface as well. Available for Mac OS X and Windows, PTGui suits well for professionals as well as amateurs. There are some features you’d miss if you stick onto the normal version of PTGui but the general scenario of features is impressive, indeed. For instance, the features section includes automated stitching images, support for gigapixel panoramas, wide export file format support, interactive adjustment of panorama perspective etc. Also, the upgrade to the PTGui Pro version will give you Viewpoint correction, HDR Panorama stitching support, Exposure Fusion, global adjustment of exposure etc.

In addition, PTGui has support for various types of projections too. If we are to consider all these, PTGui makes sense as a professional photo stitching software.

  • Free: Personal License available for 79 Euros

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6. PanoramaPlus X4

PanoramaPlus X4 photo stitching software (1)

PanoramaPlus X4 is yet another commercial software that lets you create stunning panoramic shots without requiring you to dedicate that much effort into it. The whole process is more or less automated that you won’t have to think about matching points or other technical stuff when you’ve launched this tool. On the other hand, you can choose all the images you want in the complete panoramic shots and move on, quite simply. Notable features of PanoramaPlus X4 include the ability to get panorama shots from videos, tools for optimizing the panorama shots by means of many kinds of editing, integrated sharing features for uploading directly to Facebook & Flickr, etc.

Also, PanoramaPlus X4 is offering support for almost every popular image format too. Considering the amount you have to pay, what you get is Christmas!

  • Price: £20.42

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7. ArcSoft Panorama Maker

ArcSoft Panorama Maker

ArcSoft Panorama Maker is a multipurpose photo stitching software that is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. An optimal panoramic image is three steps away when you’re using ArcSoft Panorama Maker to deal with the stitching process. In both creation and editing sections, ArcSoft Panorama Maker has impressive features to offer you. For instance, when it comes to the stitching aspect, you have five different stitching modes; you have to select a desired format and choose the photographs to fill the space — you’re done.

On the other hand, when you want to edit a panorama shot, there are a lot of options. For instance, there is Align Points and Photo Blend to help you have tweaks on overlapped areas while fine-tuning features of ArcSoft Panorama Maker helps you get the best output in terms of panoramic images. Considering these all, ArcSoft Panorama Maker makes sense — simple as that.

  • Price: $79.99; Free trial available

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8. Panoweaver 9

Panoweaver 9 photo stitching software

Panoweaver 9 is yet another panorama stitching software that gives you the final output in just three steps! You will be able to use it for stitching various kinds of images like Fisheye photos, normal photos and RAW & HDR Photos, with same level of effectiveness. Coming to the output, you can get Cubic, Cylindrical, Spherical or a single fisheye projection mode. Of course, you can have enhanced features if you’re ready to upgrade to the Pro variant of Panoweaver 9. There are both Standard and Professional versions of Panoweaver 9 and there is difference in terms of availability of features too. For instance, you can get support of batch stitching and batch publishing only in the Pro version.

If we are to consider all these, Panoweaver 9 is indeed a notable solution, we bet. Panoweaver 9 is available for Mac and Windows, by the way.

  • Price: $99.95 for Standard and $299.95 for Professional

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Have you used any of the photo stitching tool mentioned in our list of best photo stitching software? Do let us know in comments section.

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  • Sonshi says:

    You usually get different results from different programs. It is possible even with best software to get distorted output. For such cases you have to try another stitching software. I usually use ArcSoft Panorama Maker and Microsoft ICE, which is a good combination. I guess you have to try few softwares to find something to your liking.

  • alexander says:

    This is a great post. To all Windows user, I highly suggest using KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro. It is very easy to use and have many features to help you to be more productive.

  • Tim Bracey says:

    i want to make a stiched image using a moving microscopic image. would one of these programs do this or would I have to take multiple still photos before trying to merge them?

  • Terry Leg says:

    Programme 2: ICE is fantastic have been using it for months, would recommend it.

  • Tahoe Dave says:

    I downloaded Autostitch, which came in an archive file. I then extracted the files into a regular folder naming it Autostitch. Moved that folder to my Programs folder, created a shortcut to the Autostitch application, saved the shortcut to my desktop. Good to go and it works quite well.

  • George says:

    The only thing I want to know is Wich one is fastest and with constant results of course tested on the same task?

  • Jayden says:

    so whats the point of this review? whats the pros and cos? every one you mentioned is good, but which has advantage over which? your review is a cut and paste job. you basically just created a page with a list of software that does panorama stitching, nothing else. Now I need to check each one out to see which works best for me, when all i wanted was advice to point me in the right direction

    • Your Dad says:

      Quit whining.. it was a good post

      • rich says:

        Jayden is right… it is a cut and paste job. You can’t get autostitch as it has been licensed to other software developers. A product link takes you to another blog with the same images. And there is no definition of which is better or worse and why.

  • Larry says:

    I had no problem as well. Anyone who uses the English language as crudely as this Peter guy, probably does not have the intellect to run the software, anyway.

  • Fritz says:

    I had absolutely no problem downloading Hugin for the Mac. Works quite well.

  • Peter says:

    No download for ArcSoft.
    Autostitch downloads but there is no program
    HugIn is simply a royal fuck trying to get to download so not worth the effort….. as a matter of fact I would probably suggest none of the programs are worth bothering about unless you want to waste a lot of time and become frustrated

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