[UPDATE: Video Removed] PewDiePie Slammed For Recommending Neo-Nazi YouTuber in Latest Video

PewDiePie in his recent video

UPDATE: Following the backlash, PewDiePie has removed his shout out to E;R’s channel. In his recent video, he acknowledged the fact that he wasn’t aware of E;R’s older videos. He also noted that he’ll continue to promote smaller channels that he enjoys watching, and he’ll be more responsible while doing so.

Original article follows…

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has grown to become a popular name in the entertainment industry. It’s hard not to acknowledge PewDiePie while talking about YouTube in general, and his influence is immense. He is currently busy trying to retain his place as the top subscribed YouTuber in the world.

However, that hasn’t stopped him from getting roped into yet another controversy – after the February 2017 incident which saw Disney cut ties with Kjellberg for his antisemitic content in videos.

Kjellberg recently decided to dedicate the last five minutes of a video giving shout-outs to some of his favorite YouTube channels. Yes, it’s a nice gesture to appreciate the YouTube talent that would otherwise go unnoticed. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, one of the channels which he recommended to his 75 million subscribers is filled with hateful, neo-Nazi and antisemitic content.

[UPDATE: Video Removed] PewDiePie Slammed For Recommending Neo-Nazi YouTuber in Latest Video
PewDiePie in his recent video

In the most recent edition of ‘Pew News’, a series in which Felix gives his opinions on news events or YouTube cultural discussions, he recommended a channel named ‘E;R’, in which an essayist makes antisemitic, sexist, and homophobic videos. Another YouTube creator Hasan Piker noticed the disturbing hat-tip from Kjellberg, and made a video pointing out PewDiePie’s mistake.

I watched his videos myself, and trust me, they’re pretty bad. I won’t dive in detail about E;R’s content, but you can read The Verge’s article here to learn more about his channel.

PewDiePie noted that he liked E;R video on Death Note, which compared the events in the movie to real-life killings orchestrated by far-right groups. So even if Kjellberg has watched just one E;R video, recommending it is hard to digest. YouTube creators have proved time and time again that having a following of millions of people does not guarantee sense. It was Kjellberg’s responsibility to have a close look at all the videos on a channel before recommending it on his channel, which is currently the largest on YouTube.

[UPDATE: Video Removed] PewDiePie Slammed For Recommending Neo-Nazi YouTuber in Latest Video
Videos on E;R’s YouTube Channel

PewDiePie’s shoutout video has amassed over 11 million views within two days. And thanks to his shoutout, E;R’s channel has since attracted over 20,000 new subscribers. That means, over 20,000 people might have watched E;R’s video essays with neo-Nazi propaganda.

This bad press comes at a time when PewDiePie is trying not to lose the race against T-Series. Anyway, I’d like to know your thoughts on, so be sure to drop a comment down below.

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  • Akhil Ratna Chettri says:

    Do you not have other more serious issues to attend to? The ones which actually matter?

  • Abhimanyu says:

    I hope you do humanity a favour and never call yourself a journalist. Do your research. Use a thing called logic. Sort yourself.

  • Shubham Pattewar says:

    I agree it was a wrong from Pewdiepie’s side to promote a channel without researching properly. But for god sakes, are you guys nuts to make such a big issue about it and call him Anti-semitic for that?
    Do you really believe people are just gonna go there and turn into Nazis and start killing Jews ffs?
    Also, he was bashed in February on totally false out of context by WSJ and you guys are writing as if it was true. Atleast research before you write..
    Dissappointed Beembom

  • Gandharv Sachdeva says:

    It would have been better if you would have described E;R content in this article, as the verge article is pretty much connecting the dots and fabricating a narrative for eg. E;R has a gab account so he must be associated with the alt- right, come on I mean I like pepe but I am not even white talk about being a supremacist.
    Again, about the Hitler speech, that was not propaganda, nobody told me to agree with Hitler on any point, the speech was to bring out Hitler’s oratory skills, people talk about Modi’s oratory skills weren’t his speeches in support of Gujarat riots.
    Also, I am an Indian,my grandfather used to live in Punjab region which is now in Pakistan, we had to move here and leave all our land behind, also there was Indian slave trading during British Raj, so am I now elligible to call people Nigger?

  • Anonymous says:

    Shut up, leave PewDiePie alone, checkout his new video.

  • Abhinnadan says:

    Why so triggered you snowflake? The world wouldnt go around you. You can’t censor everyone and everything just because you don’t like it. Get triggered more ????????????????

  • Dad says:

    Sad that people like you don’t understand sarcasm.

  • Mehul Dung says:

    Karthik Iyer
    You’re generalising someone’s content based on your opinion as a writer or taking someone else’s opinion as a writer.

  • Lakshith says:

    He already apologized for that, actually.
    Stop creating mess and you people are just making content for yourself ????????,
    Just move on,
    Who cares
    T-series is company that releases new songs and Teaser’s of random people but pewdiepie is a ONE man show.
    And tell me this that all the 20,000 new subs of pew told that they came because of seeing that vedio, for example I haven’t seen the shoutout vedio myself yet ,and I am the one of those 20,000 subscribers ????????????.
    And even tell me who told this news,I know who you got it from,
    Its from pew itself , because he uploaded apologized vedio and by that you got the news ????????????

  • Benny Wilson says:

    PewDiePie recommended videos based on anime reviews, not with the intent of spreading neo Nazis propaganda.

    We should appreciate the fact that PewDiePie has recommended smaller YouTubers and promoted them, a better work than YouTube rewind.

    And the company which calls itself science and technology company the Verge hasn’t done any proper research on this.

    And they don’t know how to build a PC, If you check their video on building one.

  • Akash K H says:

    I hate how the story is so one-sided and desperate to defame PewDiePie at all costs. This isn’t ethical journalism. Also PewDiePie does not care if T-Series overtakes him, infact he has said that he had filmed a video to go up if that happens and more subscribers to his channel is making him wait. He doesn’t want to “not-lose”. I thought Beebom was better than this. Disappointed.

  • Vivek Arora says:

    LOL. I used to think Beebom is a tech related website

  • Nikhil Minz says:

    Guys he addressed the issue and has removed the shoutout. Please update the article just like Verge did with theirs.

  • Suraj Gurung says:

    He is temporary now. Tseries will come over soon and tgats the sweet truth. ????

    • krispixels says:

      Watch his videos.

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