Pet Simulator 99 Codes (June 2024)

If you are a fan of Pet Simulator 99 and are looking for free gems and other rewards, then this guide is for you. Find all the working Pet Simulator 99 codes to redeem here and how to find more codes.

Update: checked for new codes on June 5, 2024

All New Pet Simulator 99 Codes

Working PS99 Codes

Currently, there are no active Pet Simulator 99 codes available to redeem. However, there is a redemption option in the game, which means the developer might add more codes in the future. So, until then, you can buy physical merch to get codes or check our Adopt Me codes and enjoy a similar pet sim experience.

Expired PS99 Codes

Any code you see on the internet for now is expired. The codes you get from purchases are for one-time use only. This means no one can share the code publicly if they have used it already.

  • pet-d67518012
  • pet-45a33a2dca
  • pet-259e210a1b
  • HDVR2X95RS6L
  • TitanicFireDragon
  • CatHoverboard
  • DamagePotionV
  • LuckyPotionV
  • BagOfDiamonds
  • ExclusiveDragonEgg
  • HugeCalestialDragon
  • HugeUnicornDragon
  • BallonHoverboard
  • pet-4060e7deb6
  • DPETUJ44AB89
  • PFB96CG9472D

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox PS99

Once you have access to Roblox Pet Simulator 99 codes, here are the steps to redeem them if you buy physical merch:

  • Open Roblox on your device.
  • Run the Pet Simulator 99 experience.
  • Select the shopping cart -> Redeem option.
  • Enter the code in the Empty area.
  • Click the Redeem button to get rewards.
  • Shop option in Pet Simulator 99
  • Redeem code section in PS99
  • Redeem codes in Pet Simulator 99

What are Pet Simulator 99 Codes?

Pet Simulator 99 codes are for official merchandise of the game. The game does not contain any promo code that helps the players in-game, unlike other Roblox game codes. These merchandise codes are for one-time use and you can obtain them from the official merch store of the game.

What’s the Code to Preston’s Shop in Pet Sim 99?

Pet Simulator 99 has a rumored “super secret code” that unlocks special rewards from Preston in Area 35. Despite online searches, the code remains unknown.

The developers likely haven’t revealed it yet, but we’ll share any official information as soon as it’s available. So make sure you bookmark this page to learn about it when the revelation happens.

Preston's Shop Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99

How to Get More Pet Simulator 99 Codes?

Although no PS99 codes are available right now, the official channels to find new codes are the BIG Games Discord server, specifically the announcements or update sections. Another ideal place is the BIG Games Twitter page.

Creators also share codes but they are often expired and if they are still working, you will find them in our active codes list. Finally, physical merchandise for Pet Simulator 99, including Pet Simulator X merch, often comes with exclusive codes. Remember that the physical codes may sell out quickly.

That is all you need to know about the Pet Simulator 99 codes. Have you encountered a new code? Share with us in the comments below.

Why are my Pet Simulator 99 codes not working?

It is currently because there are no public codes available. You only get a one-time use code from physical merch purchase. Only they will work for one time.

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