Roblox Adopt Me Codes (May 2024)

There are many pet simulator games in Roblox, but none are as popular as Adopt Me. The game gives you the fun of having a variety of pets at your side while maintaining them and establishing yourself as a better parent. However, being a pet parent can be a hefty crunch on your wallet. For all those cases and more, you will require codes for Roblox Adopt Me. To get that much-needed help, let’s begin!

Working Codes

Unfortunately, Adopt Me closed its code redemption system recently. That is why no active codes exist as of May 8, 2024. However, now that the codes Kiosk is open again, it might be a sign that the developers are considering bringing back codes for more player engagement. So, we recommend you bookmark this page for the latest news.

How to Redeem Codes

As soon as working codes are back, you must redeem them in the game for rewards. Here are the easy steps you can follow to redeem those codes in the game:

  • Open your Roblox player and launch the Adopt Me experience.
  • Once in-game, walk towards the Exit tunnel to enter the Adoption Island.
  • Now, cross two bridges and find the white courtroom with a weighing scale on its roof.
  • After that, enter the building and interact with the Kiosk box beside Agent Ruhi.
  • Enter a code in the Enter Your Code box and click the Redeem! button.
  • Walk towards the Exit portal to Adoption Island
  • Walk towards the Courtroom
  • Interact with the Codes Kiosk beside Agent Ruhi
  • Type Code and Redeem it in Adopt Me

Expired Codes

Adopt Me doesn’t reward Roblox players for expired codes. The Kiosk box was closed briefly, making all the older codes for the game invalid. So whether you want to get in-game items or you know the pet’s values, without codes, it will be hard to get them. Below, we have noted down all the expired codes:

  • 1B1LL1ONV1S1TS
  • M0N3YTR33S
  • DiscordFTW
  • subbethink
  • SEAcreatures

That ends our Roblox Adopt Me codes list. Do you think there are codes we might have missed mentioning? Share them with us in the comments below.

What is the code for a shadow dragon in Adopt Me?

Unfortunately, there are no codes for redemption that can get you a pet in Adopt Me. You can find toy codes from gifts or stores and redeem them at the Roblox codes redemption page.

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