New Palworld Patch Adds Raid Bosses, Fixes, and More

Palworld new raid update. Palworld main cover.
Image Courtesy: Pocketpair/Palworld
In Short
  • The new Palworld update adds the first raid boss to the game. The devs claim that the extreme version of this raid boss is nail-bitingly complex.
  • Apart from the raid boss, the new update removes some building restrictions, allowing you to build creative structures.
  • Furthermore, there's a new way of capturing Pals alongside a new egg incubation structure.

Even though Palworld seems to lose a majority of its player base, that hasn’t stopped Pocketpair from working on the game. The early-access open-world survival game has launched a brand-new patch for gamers on PC. While the previous update for the open-world survival crafting game has had the necessary fixes, this one brings some new content to the game.

The new Palworld v0.2.0.6 patch notes detail that the update brings about a lot of QoL changes. However, the focus of the brand-new Palworld update is definitely Raid bosses. Promised early on the cycle, the game brings up the first boss named Bellanoir.

Players must work together to defeat this boss, and as the developers say, the extreme version is nail-bitingly difficult. This pal will appear when you dedicate a slab to the new Summoning Altar. Do note that this new Raid Boss cannot be captured.

This new update also adds some much-needed changes to Palworld. Players can now build more creative structures, as building restrictions have been relaxed a bit. There’s also a new character remake function, allowing you to change your character’s appearance after starting the game. Furthermore, you have items like Ability Glasses, allowing you to check your Pal stats.

Breeding also gets a facelift, as a brand-new structure called an Electric Egg Incubator removes the temperature needed for eggs. Finally, there’s a brand-new way to capture Pals, using the new passive skill “Mercy Hit.” Overall, we suggest you read through the patch note for a detailed rundown of the changes.

Do you plan to return to the island and try fighting the brand-new raid boss? What are your plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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