Oppo Introduces First-Ever Smart Glasses and Imaging NPU at INNO Day 2021

oppo air glasses

As expected, Oppo has kickstarted the INNO Day event 2021, and as a result, we have ourselves the company’s first-ever smart glasses called the Oppo Air Glasses, which is ar (Assisted Reality)-enabled device. The company has taken a step forward in the smartphone photography game and introduced its in-house MarSilicon X imaging NPU. Here are the details to check out.

Oppo Air Glasses Offer a Way into the Future

The Oppo Air Glasses is an amalgamation of style and innovative features. With a sleek monocle waveguide design, the smart glasses appear just like conventional monocle but with smart features. The glasses can either be worn as a monocle or be attached to regular glasses via magnets.

As for the build, the glasses come with scratch-resistant and durable sapphire glass. The frame is made with the CNC technique and comes in two color options: Black and Silver. Plus, it weighs just 30 grams, making it easier for users to wear.

The glasses include a unique Spark Micro Projector, which is the size of a coffee bean. It comes with a CNC metal enclosure with a glass lens module and features the microLED with 3 million nits of brightness. It also gets a bespoke optical diffraction waveguide, which supports 2 display modes (16-level grayscale and 256-level grayscale) that can go up to the brightness levels of 1600 nits for bright and sharp visuals.

Of course, the glasses are smart and allow you to make calls, send messages, and more. But there are a few attractive features to look at. It supports the teleprompter mode, which will be useful for people to showcase their presentations. It will also allow people to get navigation and explore nearby places; all possible due to Oppo’s collaboration with Baidu.

Much like on a smartwatch, users will be able to access the weather details and the calendar via the Oppo smart glasses. Users will also be able to get real-time translations. What’s more? It comes with four intuitive ways of interaction: touch, voice, hand gestures, and head movements, and is compatible with Oppo devices such as phones and smartwatches.

The Oppo Air Glasses are expected to be available in quarter 1, 2022 in China. Its price and exact availability are still hidden.

Oppo’s Own NPU Introduced

Additionally, the company has introduced its first-ever imaging NPU (neural processing unit), MarSilicon X to take care of image processing and enable enhanced AI capabilities. MariSilicon X includes an NPU, ISP, and multi-tier memory architecture for high camera performance while maintaining power efficiency.

The NPU is said to handle 8 trillion operations per second with a dedicated memory bandwidth of up to 8.5GB/s. It will include embedded HDR and NR AI algorithms for the reproduction of “rich and vivid colors,” especially in low-light conditions. Hence, we can expect to see further enhancements in low-light photography.

It also has the dedicated tera-bps memory subsystem, for MariSilicon X to make full use of the NPU without memory restrictions. The NPU is based on a 6nm architecture and supports the AI Noise Reduction algorithm to improve real-time RAW image/ video processing and provides up to 20x times faster 4K AI performance. There’s support for 4K AI HDR Night Video too. It also has uses a Dual Image Pipeline design to enhance the RGB sensor for brighter images and videos.

Oppo’s MariSilicon X will be available in the Find X4 series, which will debut in the first quarter of 2022. In addition, Oppo is expected to announce the Oppo Find N and even the phone with a retractable camera, at Day 2 of the INNO event scheduled for tomorrow.

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