OnePlus 8T Gets OxygenOS with Camera, Fingerprint, and Network Improvements

OnePlus 8T Gets OxygenOS with Camera, Fingerprint, and Network Improvements
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OnePlus is rolling a new OxygenOS update ( to its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 8T. The update comes with improvements to the fingerprint scanner, camera, battery, and network connection.

According to OnePlus, OxygenOS improves the accuracy when you’re registering the fingerprint on the device. The company also claims to have improved the experience while using the fingerprint scanner by fixing an issue that caused the screen to flash during the unlock process.

In addition, the update optimizes media file scanning for faster search results. Along with these improvements, OnePlus says it has optimized power consumption on the device, which in turn should result in better battery life from the OnePlus 8T. However, it remains to be seen how effective the improvement is.

With this update, OnePlus claims to have optimized the network connection’s stability and the overall stability of video calls. Apart from these, the company has improved the white balance and imaging quality of the camera. For the entire list of changes, take a look at the official changelog of the update below:

  • System
    • Increased the success rate when registering fingerprint and improved experience
    • Optimized the media file scanning feature to make searching faster
    • Further optimized system power consumption and increase battery life
    • Fixed the issue that the app cache has not been deleted correctly after the app uninstalled
    • Fixed the issue that the screen may flash when using fingerprint unlock
    • Optimized system performance and improve stability
  • Camera
    • Optimized camera white balance and improved imaging quality
  • Network
    • Continuously optimize network connection stability and improved gaming experience
    • Improve the stability of video calls

As always, OnePlus is rolling out the update in an incremental fashion. The rollout started on Saturday and we could expect a broader rollout in the coming days. You can check for updates from the System update section in the Settings app or use the Oxygen Updater app if you can’t wait.

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