Who is Ginny in One Piece (Explained)

The latest One Piece manga chapter 1095 took us to the most anticipated God Valley flashback. Longtime One Piece fans know exactly how long we have been waiting to learn more about this legendary incident. Now, author Eiichiro Oda is finally revealing the whole truth about God Valley by including some of the greatest characters we never thought were present there in the first place. Among the list of characters, we have been introduced to a new female character called Ginny (also referred to as Jinny by fans).

One look at Ginny and her behavior has the fans chattering. She is speculated to be the mother of the main character, Luffy. Did that pique your interest? If so, keep reading to discover who Ginny is and whether she is related to Luffy or not.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story and the characters in One Piece. We suggest you watch the anime and read the manga (up to chapter 1098) to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Who Is Ginny in One Piece?

One Piece chapter 1095 presented us with the expansion of Bartholomew Kuma’s backstory; lots of new intricate details about his past were revealed. One of the major highlights was that Kuma was the last survivor of the Buccaneer race. Kuma was enslaved by the Celestial Dragons and, as a result, was taken to the God Valley. We even got to see a young St. Garling Figarland in this manga chapter. During the God Valley incident, Kuma meets Emporio Ivankov and a young girl named Ginny in chapter 1095.

Jinny/Ginny's introduction in chapter 1095 in One Piece
Image Courtesy – One Piece by Eiichiro Oda (Chapter 1095, Viz Media)

This event disclosed that Ivankov was a slave before becoming part of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece, just like Kuma. Ivankov along with Ginny introduced themselves and were surprised to see a member of the Buccaneer race. That’s where we first get to see Ginny eating a piece of a large piece of meat and smiling wide. Remember this point as it serves as a parallel to establish a connection with our beloved main character. She uttered the following words to Kuma, “Big Bro here is pretty big himself, don’t you think?” Now, we also learned that she is the one to give the nickname “Kumachi” to Kuma.

Ginny the Mastermind in One Piece

Ginny at age 21

Furthermore, in chapter 1096, Ginny expresses herself as a mastermind in theft, communication, wiretapping, and more. And she is rightly so as she leaked information about the island’s contest to the outside world just two chapters before. She also seemed to be well-versed with devil fruits and she possessed all these skills despite being a kid.

Ginny leaked details about the God Valley incident, and the trio plotted to get their hands on some of the strongest devil fruits, which were kept as prizes for the winners to escape. Thus, Kuma did get the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and saved most people using his devil fruit powers and escaped. She is one of the vital reasons the people there were able to escape from that vile land.

After they escaped from God Valley, Kuma and Ginny started to live together in the lands of Sorbet Kingdom from their childhoods. We saw Bonney at age 21 here working along with Kuma helping the people of the Sorbet Kingdom. There is more to her character, so keep reading until you learn about her child.

Is Ginny Bonney’s Mother (Kuma’s Wife)?

Bonney's introduction in One Piece.
Image Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)

So, if you remember, Jewelry Bonney was introduced the same way as Ginny when she was seen eating a big piece of meat and her favorite pizza in One Piece. Next is Ginny’s name, which rhymes with Bonney’s name perfectly. What we are about to say next may seem silly but when Bonney infiltrated Mary Geoise, she went by the name Connie, which points out the naming style for their family.

Kuma and Bonney bonded well and looked out for each other as seen in chapter 1096. These facts with the story focusing on Kuma’s character suggest that Kuma and Ginny tied the knot, which led to the birth of Bonney. [Update] Even Ginny confessed that she wanted to marry Kuma but Kuma went on to reject the offer as his traumatic childhood clouded his mind. So, the marriage the fans all have wanted to happen didn’t take place.

The voracious appetite, similar characteristics, and relation with Kuma stay cohesive and make the fact that Ginny is most likely Bonney’s mother and Kuma’s wife in One Piece. The fan-colored spreads also paint Ginny’s hair pink, just like Bonney. Additionally, the two kids who try to bully Kuma and Ginny are confirmed to have grown up and become crewmates of the Bonney Pirates. And just as we predicted, it was confirmed that Ginny gave birth to Bonney in chapter 1098. However, Kuma isn’t the father, and this tragic backstory just shook our hearts.

Ginny’s Death and Bonney’s Birth

Ginny as the eastern army commander of the Revolutionary Army.

In the present timeline, Ginny is nowhere to be seen in the One Piece story, which means she must have lost her life shortly after marrying Kuma and Bonney’s birth. If she were alive, we would have seen her working alongside Kuma in the Revolutionary Army. In Chapter 1098, is confirmed that Kuma along with Ginny joined the Revolutionary Army. But some time after that she was abducted by a Celestial Dragon who wanted to forcefully marry her. The search for Ginny continued, but in the end, no one could rescue her.

Two years passed by and all of a sudden Ginny was able to contact the Revolutionary Army. She was thrown out of the World Noble’s place as she got sick. It was then revealed she was physically assaulted by that Celestial Dragon and her disease led to the brink of her death. The sapphire stone disease is when a person’s skin starts to harden when exposed to a natural form of light (sunlight or moonlight).

Kuma went out as soon as possible to rescue her but it was too late already as Ginny died due to the exposure. Even in her dying moments, Ginny acknowledged how she always has loved Kuma and will continue to do so even after death.

But it was revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl and wanted to safeguard her, hence, she made the call to her nakama. That baby girl is none other than Bonney. But as we expected, Kuma is neither the husband of Ginny nor the biological father of Bonney. But Kuma indeed stepped up to become the father of Bonney after Ginny’s demise. Kuma is a character in this world to has suffered in every aspect of his life. But he didn’t let that hold him from protecting and raising Ginny happily as seen in the continuation of the flashback.

We now know everything about Ginny’s character in One Piece. She is one of those characters who, despite their short screentime manage to successfully create an impact that will last long eternally. She is already one of the best female characters in One Piece. In the meantime, what do you think about Ginny’s character? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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