Nothing Phone (1) Problem Tracker: Find out All the Bugs and Issues

Ever since talks about the Nothing Phone (1) began, technology enthusiasts worldwide have been dying for a unit. With the phone finally launched in India, people are excited, to say the least. However, as units start to make their way into the hands of the pre-order customers, some problems have been popping up. From minor software glitches to serious hardware issues, there are a few out there. To sort through all this mess, we have compiled a list of the most common problems, glitches, and issues with the Nothing Phone (1). So, no matter if you are a prospective buyer or someone with a Nothing phone (1) unit already, check out this article to get a sense of what’s happening.

Nothing Phone (1) Bugs and Issues (2022)

We have divided the Nothing Phone (1) problems into different categories for your ease of use. Depending on whether you’re looking for hardware or software-related issues, use the table below to directly jump to that section.

Nothing Phone (1): Hardware Issues

Like all technology products, the Nothing phone (1) was bound to run into a few problems, especially with it being the first smartphone by Carl Pei’s latest venture. However, they seem to be more serious than originally thought, as several users are reporting the issues we have listed below. Also, keep in mind that, since more issues will likely crop up as time passes, we will keep updating this article accordingly.

1. Dead Pixel near Selfie Camera

First reported on: 13th July
Status: Unsolved

A handful of Nothing phone (1) users have reportedly encountered dead pixels near the front camera of the smartphone. The dead pixel also appears to be bleeding green around the area. This issue seems to be spreading around online to all types of units. In fact, even our Indian retail unit of the Nothing Phone (1), which we bought from Flipkart, has run into this very problem.

We used the Dead Pixel Fix (Free with ads) app to check our display for any issues. And as you can see for yourself, we found a dead pixel like some other users. Since this seems to be a hardware-oriented issue, there is no fix for the dead pixel whatsoever at the moment. Keep an eye out on this space, as we will update this article with any response the company releases.

2. Green Tint on Display

First reported on: 13th July
Status: Unsolved

Speaking of display issues, another prominent issue spotted online is green tinting around the bottom of the Nothing phone (1) display. The tinting is most visible when the dark mode is turned on and is best observed in dark areas.

Naturally, this tint is distracting and takes away from the clean experience Nothing has tried to offer. There is no solution to this Nothing Phone (1) problem just yet. A number of people around the world have encountered this issue, and this tweet is just one of the few we’ve spotted. If you are already using a Nothing Phone, keep an eye out on your display and comment below if you seem to see a similar green tint.

3. Moisture Under Back Camera Module

First reported on: 14th July
Status: Solved

While the Nothing Phone (1) has an IP53 rating, a single user has reported the problem of moisture forming up under the glass cover of the back camera module and its surroundings. Safe to say, moisture near your phone is not normal nor recommended.

Fortunately, Nothing had a speedy response to the problem and has even dispatched a replacement unit for the user affected. So if you are one of the users facing this problem, we suggest calling up Nothing and getting a replacement immediately.

Software Problems

Besides just certain hardware problems of Nothing Phone (1) like the display giving out, there are also some software problems and bugs in the mix here. While these may be fixed with later system updates, we are listing these out below and will update them once solved.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity issues

First reported on: 14th July
Status: Partially solved

First reported on Reddit just a day ago, a unit of the Nothing Phone (1) is not able to connect to Bluetooth headphones without glitches. The user reportedly tried connecting their phone to a pair of bone conduction headphones, only for them to not work. Nothing phone indicates restarting the device, but supposedly that doesn’t do anything.

A possible solution the user has tried is to turn off call and media audio in Bluetooth settings and turn them back on, but the problem keeps repeating itself. It is most likely that an upcoming software update will solve this issue.

2. Occasional Lag After Unlock

First reported on: 14th July
Status: Unsolved

A user on Reddit has reported that their Nothing Phone (1) lags quite badly every once in a while after unlocking it. Garden variety solutions like restarting the phone, locking/ unlocking the phone, and closing other apps have sadly had no effect.

A possible solution could be to factory reset your device, but the user has not reported on this yet. If you face a similar type of issue on your Nothing phone and find a reliable solution, do let us know in the comments below!

Keep a Track of All Problems Plaguing the Nothing Phone (1)

As you can see, the Nothing phone (1) started to run into its own set of problems in the first few days of launch itself. As mentioned above, we will keep updating this article with any other problems, bugs, and fixes if we or other users encounter them, so make sure to bookmark it and keep coming back. Have you run into any issues with your unit? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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  • Rahul says:

    Battery πŸ”‹ not good charging is late but charge is dead battery life low cost required battery πŸ”‹ issue

  • Mugdha says:

    Wide angle not coming πŸ˜” please be fast I am getting trouble a good request πŸ™

  • Bipasha says:

    My phone is taking long to reboot. It has been 2 days…and the phone is still rebooting. Its just been six months I bought the phone. The experience was really good. My phone is in warranty so I have no problem taking it to the service centre..but am scared I would need to reset the phone and there are lot of important files which I might lose.

  • Cassie says:

    I cannot use the Accessibility – magnifying glass after upgrade.

  • Panda says:

    The phone won’t switch on,I don’t know what’s the issue

  • Arron says:

    I’m on a Facebook call and when I go to message someone else or go on a message it kicks me out of call it’s doing my headin and it’s got to be the phone cause it don’t do it on my other phone

  • Saurabh says:

    It’s supporting another person finger print
    It’s very disappointed

  • Rahul says:

    I am facing battery issue. It doesn’t last for a day even on standby mode.

  • Arya says:

    Facing glitches in video recording at starting
    Lagging issues
    Suddenly sound stops so have to restart then it works same with led stops working again have to restart.

  • Manish Zopey says:

    My issue
    Fingerprint and face I’d not working just few time it show fingerprint sensor icon otherwise need to unlock through password or pattern lock
    Right side on top too much sensitive whenever my hand or finger reach near right side of mobile top edge mobile automatically lock itself then I need to open screen lock as no fingerprint sensor or facelock working need to open by pattern

  • Rohit says:

    Airtel sim not detecting on both the slots in nothing phone 1.
    Anyone has any solution help me

  • Mallikarjun says:

    Without any apps open, RAM usage is 65%. Starts to lag after opening few apps like photos, chrome without tabs, file manager, clock, Netflix when remaining RAM is just 14%.
    Also phone stops charging with power bank just after 10 secs. Tried multiple power banks, cables.
    Also not to mention heating issues. I use only 2 apps at a time usually. Just chorme with 2 or 3 tabs make it hot. Don’t ask about video calls. You can’t hold the phone, that’s how hot it gets.

  • Keyur says:

    While connecting wired earphones through connecter not able to hear sound on earphones.

  • Mohammed shibil p says:

    I’m facing the face id issue..It sometimes refuse to unlock and sometimes unlocks with my friends face even though it haaas only my fave id saved

  • Rasal says:

    The screen freezes when the notification bar is pulled down, while the fingerprint of payments apps are there on the screen.

  • Rahulavi says:

    Accidental pocket keypad lock is also missing.

  • Hardik Chopra says:

    Facing the same occasional lag when unlocked issue especially when using on low refresh rate. Please push the company for an update.

  • Steve says:

    issues with face ID refusing to work, plus the visual lights are intermittent -sometimes working for incoming calls but not messages at all -cannot believe a company can sell stuff with these major faults at over Β£450 Very disappointed

  • Sayooj says:

    #Nothingphone1 bugs I noticed in 1 week
    1. Finger print not working in lock screen during incoming call. Happened once
    2. If quick access notification bar is pulled down in lock screen, when a call comes, it is not going up back
    3. While in the call WhatsApp app . normal call cannot connecting properly
    4.. Bluetooth connectivity issues
    5.while playing games screen drop is happen

    • Krishna paril says:

      Flip to glipyph not working
      And also wave to see charging is not working

  • Vijay Rao says:

    I am also facing lagging issue.

  • Saranya says:

    Second sim stops working frequently. Data network is fine. But outgoing/incoming calls and messages don’t work. No way to know without trying to call/message or someone tells me. Tried support few days back. No response after. Sim works perfectly fine with other phones
    Anybody facing similar issue

    • Kumar J says:

      Yes I am also facing these type of issue but only with outgoing sms which is not working while we select preferred network as 4G so whenever I need to send sms have to change preferred network as 3G it’s very painful. And that too only with Vodafone idea jio working perfectly.. Complaint made about the issue to both VI network and nothing support but no solution. And another thing atleast VI support team had to try to resolve these issues 2 or 3 times but no single support from nothing team.

  • Nikhil Sharma says:

    I’m facing wifi issues.While on my 4G WiFi my poco f1 shows 45 mbps while nothing shows 1mbps.
    Don’t know whether it is a bug or hardware issue.

    • Ayaan says:

      Same issue my WiFi is working very slow in nothing phone

    • Vijaykumar T says:

      Same issue for me as well

  • Siyad says:

    #Nothingphone1 bugs I noticed in 4 days

    1. Not able to connect with my laptop
    2. Refresh rate issue in twitter, play store
    3. Finger print not working in lock screen during incoming call. Happened once
    4. If quick access notification bar is pulled down in lock screen, when a call comes, it is not going up back
    5. Asphalt 9 is not opening. It shows the logo and closes.
    6. Both the speakers stopped working. After restarting the phone its normal. Happened once

    • Sanjeev says:

      I am also facing laptop connectivity issue . Is this resolved at your end? If yes then how/?

  • Aditya says:

    I have the same lag issue. Please push the company for an update.

  • Nabendu says:

    There id thermal throttling issue on a few units reported on telegram channel . Cpu throttling has the phone go into yellow territory in just 3 minutes and post 5 minutes it goes all read. Idle temp is around 40 with heavy battery drain . Check the TG group and flipkart review where i guess couple of users have reported the issue .

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